Planning an Accessible Garden

Happy first day of spring everyone! If you know me then you know about my love for gardening, what you may not know is that I am also an herbalist who loves plants. Every year I find myself acquiring more pots and planters for my ever-growing collection. The only issue with the planters and potsContinue reading “Planning an Accessible Garden”

My Quantum Power Wheelchair and Great Gardening Hacks

Over the summer, I tried my hand at gardening which was made so much easier with my Quantum power wheelchair with iLevel® technology. It turns out, it’s outrageously nice to have a power chair when transporting heavy pots of dirt, using a full watering can, or holding a bowl to collect all the veggies IContinue reading “My Quantum Power Wheelchair and Great Gardening Hacks”

Using iLevel Technology in My Herb Garden

One of the things I enjoy doing is gardening. My mom has a very big flower garden in our backyard with a water fountain and a gazebo. There’s even a special area with a couple of birdfeeders where you can sit and watch the birds. For the past five years, I have been tending aContinue reading “Using iLevel Technology in My Herb Garden”