Raising a Child When You Have a Disability

March is for motherhood. My daughter was born March 5, 2008. I remember when I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified. At the time, social media wasn’t a super common way to connect with many people. I didn’t know anyone who was a mom in a wheelchair. I felt like I was completelyContinue reading “Raising a Child When You Have a Disability”

Andraéa LaVant is Shaping the World

Although freedom means many things to Andraéa LaVant, one definition recently became a reality to her. My power wheelchair that I’d had for over seven years began to malfunction,” Andraéa said. “I’d grown accustomed to the independence that the push of a button could bring.” Andraéa resides in Tempe, Arizona. She has with spinal muscularContinue reading “Andraéa LaVant is Shaping the World”

Christian Budney is Ready and Excited for Adventure

For Scranton, PA, native Christian Budney, making connections and helping others is a true passion of his. “If I can help other people, I am happy!” Christian said. Christian has faced many challenges in his life, all with a kind heart and a positive attitude. In March 2006, at just 17 years old, Christian brokeContinue reading “Christian Budney is Ready and Excited for Adventure”

How My New Power Chair Gives Me Back My Freedom

Freedom. That word has so many meanings, depending on who you ask. As a black and physically disabled woman, freedom certainly means different things, depending on the day. One aspect of freedom became more real to me toward the end of last year. My power wheelchair that I’d had for over seven years (I know,Continue reading “How My New Power Chair Gives Me Back My Freedom”

Kerri Knudson: Exploring the Outdoors

Helen Keller once said that life is either a daring adventure or nothing. As for Kerri Knudson, she’ll choose adventure every time! Her passion for the outdoors pushes Kerri beyond her limits, as she loves to soak up the beauty that is all around her. “I am inspired by pushing the limits most people thinkContinue reading “Kerri Knudson: Exploring the Outdoors”

4Front® 2 Named HME Business 2021 New Product Award Winner

HME Business magazine has named the 4Front® 2 Power Chair one of the winners of its 2021 New Product Award contest. The 4Front 2 won in the Mobility – Power & Manual Wheelchairs category. The HME Business New Product Award honors outstanding product development achievements by HME manufacturers and service providers. Entries are reviewed byContinue reading “4Front® 2 Named HME Business 2021 New Product Award Winner”

Understanding Wheelchair Drive-Wheel Configurations

During the process of choosing a complex rehab wheelchair, your therapist works with an ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) to determine which power chair and components meet your needs. When selecting a power wheelchair base, drive wheel configuration is an important factor to consider. Front-wheel, mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive each have their own benefits. You shouldContinue reading “Understanding Wheelchair Drive-Wheel Configurations”

Quantum® Wins 4 Mobility Product Awards

Mobility Management magazine has named four Quantum® products winners of its Mobility Product Award 2021 contest. The Quantum award winners are: Edge 3 Stretto® Power Chair with captain’s seating/iLevel® – Wheelchairs, Power: Group 3, Standard 4Front® 2 Power Chair (tie) – Wheelchairs, Power: Group 3, Multiple Power iLevel® power adjustable seat height – Seating SystemsContinue reading “Quantum® Wins 4 Mobility Product Awards”

Ask and You Shall Receive: 4Front® 2

Some major advancements are about to hit the rehab power market from Quantum Rehab®. First up is the launch of the 4Front® 2 Power Chair. Consumers, ATPs and clinicians asked for some enhancements to be made to the 4Front® and we listened. Introducing the 4Front® 2, with amazing features such as the new Smart TractionContinue reading “Ask and You Shall Receive: 4Front® 2”

The Next Generation of the 4Front® Power Chair is Here!

The 4Front® 2 is the next generation of the 4Front® Power Chair! New Smart Traction Control (STC), along with Smooth Ride Suspension (SRS), provide stability for smooth obstacle transitions and unmatched driving performance. Additional new features include 4-pole motors and redesigned caster arms for improved durability and aesthetics and reduced weight. Features: 4-pole motors NEWContinue reading “The Next Generation of the 4Front® Power Chair is Here!”