Pediatric Wheelchair Cushions for Your Child

Are you curious about the benefits of pediatric wheelchair cushions? If your son or daughter uses a pediatric wheelchair, they may benefit from a pediatric wheelchair cushion. Do you want to get more information and aren’t sure where to begin? There are many different types of pediatric wheelchair cushions on the market. From positioning cushionsContinue reading “Pediatric Wheelchair Cushions for Your Child”

The Benefits of Narrow Wheelchairs

Have you heard about the Edge 3 Stretto® power chair? You might wonder what all the hype is about! Well, the Edge 3 Stretto is designed to offer exceptional maneuvering with its narrower base. Plus, it’s made to meet the needs of children, teens and small adults. Still not convinced? Read on to discover allContinue reading “The Benefits of Narrow Wheelchairs”

Where to Buy a Pediatric Wheelchair

If your child has been diagnosed with a medical condition that affects his or her mobility, they may qualify for a Quantum® Power Chair. First your child needs to have a face-to-face evaluation with a doctor or physical therapist to determine his or her mobility needs. While there, the doctor or physical therapist can helpContinue reading “Where to Buy a Pediatric Wheelchair”

Getting Technical Support Away from Home

We can all agree that we want to create memories of a lifetime when we travel, although there are unanticipated situations that also contribute to these memories. While they make for entertaining stories, they’re not the types of situations that we want to happen. If you find yourself away from home and needing technical supportContinue reading “Getting Technical Support Away from Home”

Understanding a Huntington’s Disease Diagnosis

When faced with a diagnosis of a severe medical condition or disability, individuals and their loved ones may have a lot of questions and concerns. It’s important to get answers and be highly knowledgeable in what to expect. Patients living with or recently diagnosed with huntington’s disease need to understand the huntington’s disease definition, asContinue reading “Understanding a Huntington’s Disease Diagnosis”

Wheelchair Accessories for Travel

There are a variety of wheelchair accessories out there and each one fulfills a different purpose. In fact, they can be a traveler’s best friend. If you are traveling with your power wheelchair, you’ll want to check out our list of accessories that will be useful for your upcoming trip. Accessories for Storage It’s alwaysContinue reading “Wheelchair Accessories for Travel”

Power Wheelchair Features for Camping

You’re an outdoor enthusiast and want to enjoy nature. You’ve added some accessible national parks and trails to your list and have started planning your trip.  Now, onto the next hurdle. One of the worst parts of going on a trip is packing. No matter how many times you’ve gone on trips, it’s so easyContinue reading “Power Wheelchair Features for Camping”

How to Get Your Child’s Wheelchair Serviced

Your child’s Edge 3 Stretto™ is a sophisticated power chair. Like any mobility product, it requires routine maintenance checks, some of which require assistance from your Quantum Rehab Provider. Preventive maintenance is very important. Getting your child’s power wheelchair serviced can help ensure that the power wheelchair gives him or her years of trouble-free operation.Continue reading “How to Get Your Child’s Wheelchair Serviced”

Where to Buy Pediatric Wheelchair Batteries

Your child’s pediatric wheelchair needs new batteries and you aren’t sure where to go. Fortunately, Quantum Rehab® works with dealers across the country and around the world that sell batteries for pediatric wheelchairs. Buying Pediatric Wheelchair Batteries Near You If you are in your hometown, the first thing we recommend is to contact your localContinue reading “Where to Buy Pediatric Wheelchair Batteries”

Kid Wheelchair Funding and Medicaid

As the largest program that is designed to give health-related and medical services, Medicaid assists many individuals with low incomes. If your kid has a mobility impairment due to a medical condition such as spinal muscular atrophy or struggles with health issues, they may qualify for a power wheelchair through your state’s Medicaid program! GetContinue reading “Kid Wheelchair Funding and Medicaid”