Understanding Electric Wheelchairs and Drive Wheels

Ever wondered about the drive wheels on a power chair? There’s front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and of course, mid-wheel drive! Each configuration has its own benefits. How do you know which type is right for you? We always recommend talking to your therapist and the ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) to determine which type of powerContinue reading “Understanding Electric Wheelchairs and Drive Wheels”

How to Clean Your Narrow Wheelchair

If you own a Quantum® Narrow Wheelchair, such as the Edge 3 Stretto™, you understand that it requires routine maintenance. Regular service checks ensure that your electric wheelchair continues to deliver consistent and high-quality performance. There are certain things that power wheelchair users can do at home, while other checks need to be completed byContinue reading “How to Clean Your Narrow Wheelchair”

Can My Electric Wheelchair Get Wet?

Your electric wheelchair is not meant to get wet. Still, we know that life happens sometimes. It may rain or snow unexpectedly. Maybe the only path where you can drive your electric wheelchair requires going through a puddle. Quantum® Power Chairs have surpassed testing standards for ingress of liquids, yet it is recommended to avoid prolongedContinue reading “Can My Electric Wheelchair Get Wet?”

Seating and Positioning for Narrow Wheelchairs

Are you living with a medical condition that makes it challenging for you to walk, shift your weight or change your position? Quantum® Power Chairs offer the perfect solution! These electric wheelchairs are designed to provide comfort and support while delivering greater independence and mobility. The Best Narrow Electric Wheelchair If you live in anContinue reading “Seating and Positioning for Narrow Wheelchairs”

How Much Does a Child’s Wheelchair Cost?

If your son or daughter is living with limited mobility or has a disability that affects his or her movements, there are power wheelchair technologies available to make a difference in your child’s life. With a child wheelchair, your son or daughter can enjoy greater mobility, independence and enhanced quality of life. Child Wheelchair DimensionsContinue reading “How Much Does a Child’s Wheelchair Cost?”

Seating and Positioning on Pediatric Wheelchairs

If your child has a medical condition that makes it difficult for him or her to shift his weight or change position, you’ve come to the right place! Quantum has many innovative pediatric wheelchair technologies that can help your child and give him or her greater comfort, support and independence. Edge 3 Stretto™ Pediatric WheelchairContinue reading “Seating and Positioning on Pediatric Wheelchairs”

Narrow Wheelchair Batteries and Medicare

Practicing proper charging habits helps prolong the life of your narrow wheelchair batteries, but there still comes a time when you have to replace them. When you are ready to replace and dispose of them, you may wonder if the batteries for your narrow electric wheelchair are covered by Medicare. Medicare Part B Coverage MedicareContinue reading “Narrow Wheelchair Batteries and Medicare”

Types of Ramps for Narrow Wheelchairs

There are many benefits to owning a narrow wheelchair, including easier operation when navigating tight spaces. While ramps are built with wheelchair users in mind, not all ramps are created equal. Some wheelchair ramps are created for a specific type of need whereas others are more beneficial for a specific mobility device. When it comesContinue reading “Types of Ramps for Narrow Wheelchairs”

Wheelchair Cushions for a Narrow Wheelchair

If your child has a disability that affects his or her ability to move independently, a power chair may be a great solution to help him or him regain independence. Once you find the perfect wheelchair, there’s other things to consider. Is the wheelchair comfortable? Does it fit in your home? Can your child useContinue reading “Wheelchair Cushions for a Narrow Wheelchair”

Where to Buy Narrow Wheelchair Batteries

Even if you follow best charging practices for keeping your narrow wheelchair’s batteries in good shape and helping them last for a long time, there still comes a day where you have to replace them. Not only does Quantum Rehab® works with dealers across the country and around the world that sell batteries for narrowContinue reading “Where to Buy Narrow Wheelchair Batteries”