Top Reasons Why iLevel is Medically Necessary for Wheelchair Users

One of the biggest and best changes that has happened in my life is when I got my Quantum® Power Wheelchair with iLevel® technology. It wasn’t easy, because my insurance company denied coverage for iLevel power adjustable seat height, stating that it wasn’t medically necessary. After fighting with insurance for so long and being deniedContinue reading “Top Reasons Why iLevel is Medically Necessary for Wheelchair Users”

Searching for Businesses That Cater to the Disability Community

Although I have been blessed with an active and satisfying life but one aspect of being disabled keeps rearing its ugly head. I still have some problems getting services for things I want. I am a woman who is into fashion, makeup, hair styles, skin health and more. At times, maintaining a moderate but substantialContinue reading “Searching for Businesses That Cater to the Disability Community”

People with Disabilities and Understanding Voting Rights

The right to vote has not always been a luxury for all Americans. Non-landowners, African Americans, Native Americans, and women have not always been afforded the luxury of voting. Individuals with disabilities have not always had the necessary accommodations to vote.  Through the years, various amendments to the constitution and Voting Rights Acts have beenContinue reading “People with Disabilities and Understanding Voting Rights”

Air Travel by Persons Who Use Wheelchairs

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, the U.S. Department of Transportation held an all-day virtual public meeting on the subject of air travel by persons who use wheelchairs. Over 600 people attended the meeting. At the meeting, we heard from representatives from the Department of Transportation, including the Secretary himself. We also heard from airline industryContinue reading “Air Travel by Persons Who Use Wheelchairs”

Why it’s So Important to Give Back

The name “49er” honors those who moved across the country to dig in the Gold Rush from 1848 to 1855. These miners were looking to become rich from the gold they found while providing for their families. This is a representation of what being a Charlotte 49er means. We are looking to find our goldContinue reading “Why it’s So Important to Give Back”

Great Tips on Protecting Your Wheelchair in the Rain

I’m sure you have heard of the expression: “April showers being may flowers.” Well, April tends to be one of the rainiest months on record during the year. I would rather have rain than snow. Even though I enjoy how the snow looks on the ground, it’s harder for me to go out in myContinue reading “Great Tips on Protecting Your Wheelchair in the Rain”

My Mentoring Relationships with Disabled Girls

National Mentoring Month passed back in January, but as this year has progressed, I seem to find myself reflecting on mentoring a lot. Over the past year, I’m extremely proud to have found myself in a mentoring role for not one, but two fantastic young disabled women. Disability EmpowHER Network While January was a monthContinue reading “My Mentoring Relationships with Disabled Girls”

Birthday Party Planning as a Parent in a Wheelchair

Planning birthday parties is among my favorite parts of parenthood. This year feels even more special because we haven’t gone all out in a couple of years. Our youngest’s 3rd birthday party in 2020 was our last large family gathering. Many of us have not seen each other in months or longer! This year, we’reContinue reading “Birthday Party Planning as a Parent in a Wheelchair”

Discovering New Ways to Live with Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease

Charcot-Marie Tooth (CMT) is a neuro-muscular disease that can impact everyone differently. There are a few variations of a CMT diagnosis, but I have never been given a specific diagnosis. The diagnosis test generally involves a form of electrical nerve stimulation which is very painful, so I just avoid it. I never needed testing becauseContinue reading “Discovering New Ways to Live with Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease”

Positive Changes in the Pandemic

Over two years ago, everyone’s lives dramatically changed due to COVID-19. The fast-paced life we led came to a screeching halt. With our daily routines so abruptly interrupted, we had to learn new ways to carry on. As an individual living with a disability, I must confess that I enjoyed and still enjoy some ofContinue reading “Positive Changes in the Pandemic”