The Best Advantages of Elevation in My Quantum Power Wheelchair

In my Quantum power wheelchair with iLevel technology, I enjoy being elevated, as it helps me complete daily tasks and be eye-to-eye with others. Although most of the time I’m raised in my wheelchair seat, there are occasions when I need to be in the lowered position.

Public Speaking in My Power Chair

Bryson is elevated in his Quantum power wheelchair

During any public event, I elevate the seat of my Stretto power wheelchair because I want to make contact with others while talking. This helps me feel like I’m included and part of the conversation. I also don’t like for people to kneel down to speak to me.

When I lead my newspaper staff during our weekly meetings, I like to put my power wheelchair in the lowered position, so I can be on the same level as my writers while they’re sitting down. Although this situation can call for what people are most comfortable with. If I elevate during my staff meetings, this can help my writers hear me and see me better as well. When I work in the newspaper office at the sports desk, I am in the lowered position in my wheelchair to fit under the desk so I can be on the same level as my colleagues.

Attending Classes in My Quantum Power Wheelchair

Bryson is in the lowered position in his Quantum power wheelchair

On campus, I like to be in the lowered position because I need to get my classes quickly. Down low, my Quantum power wheelchair goes faster, up to 6.25 mph, and gets me to class on time. If I go with friends to class, however, I prefer to elevate my wheelchair seat, so that I can speak to them and others can see me in the crowd. When driving over rugged terrain, it’s easier to go over certain bumps and terrain in the lowered position. UNC Charlotte’s campus is rather hilly, and being at a lower level gives me enough juice to get over them.

Grabbing Food and Completing School Work

When I’m grabbing food on campus, I am always elevated because it’s easy to grab my food and condiments. On-campus dining hall surfaces are usually higher up, so iLevel is a game changer when it comes to grabbing the food I want. When I do schoolwork at home, I elevate so I can reach my desk and get things done quickly. When it comes to transfers, I elevate my power wheelchair seat to get into bed, yet remain in the lowered position when I am getting into the shower.

Overall, when I use my Stretto power wheelchair, I prefer to be elevated at iLevel, as it has greatly improved my life. It keeps me mobile and gives me access that I never thought possible. iLevel is the way of the future for the disabled community.

About Bryson Foster: Bryson lives in North Carolina. He advocates and raises funds for the development of treatments for muscular dystrophy. He loves sports and cheers for his favorite basketball team, the North Carolina Tar Heels. Click here to learn more about Bryson.

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