Loving Myself and Living Life in My Quantum Wheelchair

It’s Valentine’s Day season once again. While I was hoping to be spending this holiday with my special someone, some changes occurred and I am once again single. I find it kind of ironic that this happened to me during a time when “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus is number one on the Billboard charts. It really is the perfect attitude to have about these abrupt life changes. Healing from a breakup comes from loving yourself and being the person you need to be. This can be extra challenging when you’re a wheelchair user. So, in honor of loving myself and my abilities, here is a list of things I can do independently using my Quantum wheelchair.

Anomie uses iLevel on her Quantum Wheelchair
  • I can make myself dinner
  • I can take care of my cat
  • I can go out to different places and sit at tables of any height, including high-top tables
  • I can carry heavy things, even for other people
  • I can love me, as a wheelchair user, better than anyone else can

The Importance of Self Care

Self-dating is self-care. Taking myself out on a date in my Quantum wheelchair is something I can do better than any of the losers on dating apps. Most won’t even try to date a girl in a wheelchair. Those that do tend to either ignore our disability or try to be controlling. I don’t need to waste my time having a conversation with someone who doesn’t get me. I get who I am and I can take myself places.

Going on a Date with Myself in My Quantum Wheelchair

There are quite a few things that I can do with iLevel technology on my wheelchair. I can order food from places with high counter tops and access the machine for making credit card payments. I can also sit at tables at any height. I like going to restaurants, whether it’s with someone else or by myself. Having the ability to choose is everything.

Other places I would like to take myself out to are concerts, festivals and craft fairs. It’s still a struggle to deal with the limitations of wheelchair accessibility. It’s the best feeling when a place actually is accessible, because you know you’re in a place that you’re accepted. I hope to find the best wheelchair accessible shopping, hair salons, nail salons, and everything I need to give myself the love this season.

Even when I can’t leave the house, I’m finding ways to enjoy myself at home as well. Hoping every single disabled female wheelchair user reading this is doing the same. Much love to you all.

Anomie Fatale: Anomie is a musician who performs at shows and open mic nights in Philadelphia. She is the current titleholder for Ms. Wheelchair Pennsylvania USA 2022 and is passionate about helping others. Click here to learn more about Anomie.

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