Exciting Changes to Come to My Quantum Power Wheelchair

2023 is here! As we’re all making new year’s resolutions, mine is to do everything I can to improve my independence. For power mobility, this means making a few changes on my Quantum power wheelchair so that I can see what’s going on around me.

Navigating My Small Apartment

Anomie uses her Quantum power wheelchair for independence

I have a craniocervical fusion, so I do not have the ability to turn my head when operating my power wheelchair. I usually depend on an aide to tell me if there’s something behind me or on the sides if I do not have the space to turn. The past few years I’ve lived in my apartment, it has been difficult to navigate. I can fit into all the spaces, but they’re small, so I have to be very careful while moving around in them, even with my Stretto’s conveniently narrow width.

While backing up in my kitchen, I accidentally broke the knobs off my stove. It’s a gas stove, so we had to call emergency maintenance to come to check it out. Fortunately, it was fixable, but I want to make sure that it never happens again.

Adding a Backup Camera to My Quantum Power Wheelchair

The backup camera on a Quantum power wheelchair

My goals for enhancing my power mobility are to get a backup camera installed on my power wheelchair, so that I can navigate spaces safely and easily since I can’t turn my head. I would also like mirrors installed in the front of my wheelchair, to better visualize things that are to the sides of me better. This will give me independence in crossing the street, moving around my kitchen, and a lot more things that are difficult for me to do. Although I am a great wheelchair driver, I still need a little extra help.

I think it’s important to remember that even though we are happy with our power wheelchairs, there’s always new technology being developed to make our wheelchairs better. So, as I work on myself in 2023, I will be working on my wheelchair as well, because it is a part of me.

Anomie Fatale: Anomie is a musician who performs at shows and open mic nights in Philadelphia. She is the current titleholder for Ms. Wheelchair Pennsylvania USA 2022 and is passionate about helping others. Click here to learn more about Anomie.

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