Three Ways My Quantum Wheelchair Helped Me with Recovery

Jill uses her Quantum wheelchair with iLevel for completing transfers

This past month, I had surgery on my spine and recovery was a completely different experience than any surgery I’ve had before. A couple of years ago, I fractured a bone in my spine. Four years later, the bone never set and the existing metal in my spine was also broken. We needed to repair the bone with a new spinal fusion. Medical technology has come an impressively long way and my doctor was wonderful, so the surgery went quickly and with no complications. I was a bit nervous, however, to come home, as transfers in and out of my manual wheelchair are difficult. Fortunately, having my Quantum wheelchair with iLevel technology made a huge difference in my recovery.

Using Power Recline on My Stretto

My biggest recovery struggle was that I couldn’t sit up for a large amount of time. Having the ability to recline in my Quantum power wheelchair, as well as raise and lower my leg rests, allowed me to achieve many comfortable positions, as opposed to just laying in bed all the time.

Transferring with My Quantum Wheelchair

My Stretto with iLevel made transfers a completely different experience. While recovering, I’m not allowed to lift anything over ten pounds. This of course makes transfers pretty challenging, as they require you to lift yourself, especially if you’re transferring onto a higher surface. My bed at home is pretty high up, so transferring from a manual wheelchair would have been impossible. Thanks to iLevel, I can raise myself higher than my bed when transferring in, and can lower my wheelchair seat below my bed when transferring out.

The Benefits of Seat Elevation

Throughout my recovery, my Stretto power wheelchair has allowed me to move around my house for longer periods of time. I can carry things and make myself coffee in the morning, all without hurting myself or causing fatigue. Even nearly a month out from surgery, I still prefer to use iLevel for navigating the day to day while healing. Assistive technology with seat elevation after a surgery is an outlet that makes life easier and supports so many aspects of healing for people with disabilities.

About Jill Moore White: Jill is an inclusive play specialist, bringing accessible playgrounds to local communities. She volunteers with disability organizations, including the Disability EmpowHER Network. Jill enjoys music, sketching and playing video games. Click here to learn more about Jill.

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