My Quantum Wheelchair Helps Me Be Successful At School

Until a couple of years ago, I never really gave any thought to having a power wheelchair. I always imagined it would be too much since I can walk a bit and can push a manual wheelchair. I realized how wrong I was since starting in high school. Now, my Quantum wheelchair has improved my life in ways I never imagined. Here are just a few of them!

I Can Go Anywhere I Want

High school is hard enough as it is, with managing so many different classes, assignments and deadlines. What makes it tolerable is socializing with friends. During lunch, my friends like to sit in a garden across the school’s grassy field where the temperature is “just right.” My manual wheelchair can’t go on the grass, so I had to walk quite a long distance and pray that someone wouldn’t touch my wheelchair or belongings. With my Stretto power chair, there’s nowhere on my high school campus I can’t go.

I Have So Much More Energy Using My Quantum Wheelchair

Maddie uses iLevel on her Quantum wheelchair to sit at high-top tables

I tend to fatigue rather quickly from doing the smallest of tasks, like taking a shower. As you might imagine, I struggle when carrying what feels like a two-ton backpack. I mean, even non-disabled people in high school struggle with carrying their backpacks. Being able to hang my backpack on the back of my Quantum power wheelchair has been life-changing! You may think that having a manual wheelchair would help in carrying heavy bags, but it doesn’t! All it does is add weight to what you’re pushing. Now, I can preserve some of my energy, as well as keep all my school supplies on me without the extra trip to my locker.

I Hear Fewer “Short” Jokes and Honk at People in the Halls

Being a hair under five feet, I receive my share of “short” jokes. It’s not like I hate the teasing, but it can definitely get annoying and repetitive at times. Nowadays with Quantum power wheelchair with iLevel® technology, I can elevate my seat and look down on my glorious kingdom.

I think that the horn is probably my favorite feature on my Quantum wheelchair because the crowded hallways are not a problem for me anymore. I also enjoy the hilarious reactions I get when other kids hear the loud “beeeeeep.”

I Can Tour Colleges in My Quantum Wheelchair Without Getting Tired

One of the reasons I needed a power chair is for going long distances is because my arms get too tired from pushing a manual wheelchair. I recently toured a college with a huge campus using my iLevel chair, and it was such a huge help! I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have made it in a manual chair.

These are just some of the ways my power chair helps me but there are a lot more. I can use the USB charging port wherever I am. I can sit at the raised desks in the science room with my friends. I could go on but it’s hard to list all the ways my Quantum power wheelchair has changed my life without sounding like a commercial. I’m extremely grateful, however, to have my wheelchair and I plan to take good care of it so it will be in good shape for college.

About Maddie Kasten: Maddie is a Q Roll Model for Quantum Rehab. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and enjoys participating in adaptive sports, playing video games and watching anime. Click here to learn more about Maddie.

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