Best Winter Clothing Tips for People with Disabilities

Winter has never been my favorite time of year. For many of us with physical disabilities, colder weather can affect our mobility and have various other impacts. That said, living most of my life in climates that have four distinct seasons has caused me to develop a strong cool weather routine. This year, I’ll experience a milder winter than I have in seasons past, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be pulling out my tricks to survive the cooler temps. Here are a few of my winter clothing tips for people with disabilities.

Wear A Lightweight Coat or Jacket

Andraea offers suggestions for people with disabilities on ways to dress for winter months

When I lived on the east coast, one of the hardest things to find was a coat that would keep me warm while not being so heavy that I couldn’t move my arms.

I finally discovered that anything insulated with feathers (fake ones are fine) was the best option to ensure I could move and not freeze. Even in a milder winter, I’m finding it’s important to find jackets that are breathable (meaning more lightweight) and warm.

Choose a A Comfy Hat or Head Covering

One concept I embraced in colder winters was the idea that if your head, feet, and neck are warm, your entire body will stay warmer. As such, come November, no matter where I live, I make sure to have a head covering. On any given day, that could mean a beanie, beret, turban, or wide-brimmed hat. No matter what, my head is covered.

A Fun, Warm Scarf Completes Your Ensemble

As mentioned, keeping your neck warm is a key to maintaining body heat, particularly for those of us impacted more heavily by cold weather. In the winter, I tend to trade out necklaces and make colorful scarves my daily accessories. One thing I love about scarves is the variety of materials, colors, and weights they in. From pashmina style scarves with cultural patterns to heavy knit or crochet scarves with more of a classic look, the scarf possibilities are endless.

What are your favorite cold weather staples to keep you warm?

About Andraéa LaVant: Andraéa is a disability consultant and worked as an impact producer for Crip Camp, a feature-length documentary on Netflix. Andraéa lives in California and uses a 4Front 2 Power Chair.

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