Beautiful Christmas Décor and My Quantum Power Wheelchair

The Christmas season is by far my most favorite time of the year. I love all the time spent with family, the abundance of fun holiday activities, and the traditions that continue year after year. Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit more than decorating. Most years, my Christmas decorations go up a few days before Halloween. But this year, I had my first tree up and decorated by mid-September. It wasn’t my fault I started decorating so early. The blame should really be placed on the retailers. Some stores had Christmas decorations out as early as June. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Hobby Lobby.) So, here is how I decorate for Christmas with the help of my Quantum power wheelchair.

Shopping for Christmas Décor in My Quantum Power Wheelchair

Bliss shops for holiday decor in her Quantum power wheelchair

Each year, decking the halls at iLevel begins with a little shopping for any new pink or pastel gingerbread decorations. In case you were unaware, EVERYTHING is better in pink, even Christmas décor! “Pinkmas” and pastel gingie décor has become all the rage, making it one of the hottest holiday must haves. The 12 inches of lift that iLevel gives me while out shopping makes reaching those adorable, little gingerbread people on the top shelf a breeze. Thanks to iLevel, I have scored some of the most precious, pink gingie decorations that otherwise would have been out of my reach.

Decorating the House with iLevel Technology

Bliss decorates her home easily with the help of iLevel on her Quantum power wheelchair

My Stretto power wheelchair has so many great features that allow me to deck the halls at my house. The front and rear LED fender lights are really handy when I’m retrieving all my must-have holiday items from my dark storage room. iLevel makes all the difference when trying to get the top of a Christmas tree decorated or the wreath hung on the front door. It’s easy to set up and display all the gingerbread villages around the house. Plus, hanging the stockings by the chimney with care is another task easily completed with iLevel.

I must confess, I have experienced an abundance of joy from decorating so early this year! There have been countless hours spent reclined and tilted back in my Stretto Power Chair just admiring the pretty pink Christmas décor. While basking in the twinkling glow of the “Pinkmas” gingerbread wonderland, it has occurred to me that I don’t have to pack all this cuteness up after Christmas! I’m thinking my house might just be merry and bright for 2023.

About Bliss Welch: Bliss is a Quantum® brand ambassador and Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2013. Bliss is actively involved in the disability community. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her daughter. Click here to learn more about Bliss.

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