Amanda Brown is Loving Life in Her Quantum Power Wheelchair

When asked what her favorite thing is about her Quantum Power Wheelchair, Amanda Lynn Brown couldn’t pick just one.

“I love everything about it!” Amanda said.

Thanks to her Edge 3 Stretto® Power Chair, Amanda has discovered just how wonderful independence can be.

Staying Active and Independent in her Community

Amanda was born with spina bifida. She resides in Cullman County, Alabama, in the city of Hanceville, which is north of Birmingham. Amanda uses her power chair for mobility. With her Stretto, she stays active and independent, participating in activities in her community.

Amanda in her Quantum Power Wheelchair

Amanda helps with fundraisers for the developmentally disabled. She also enjoys playing adaptive baseball in her local Challenger Division.

Amanda loves to interact with people. Thanks to iLevel® power adjustable seat height on her Stretto, she can elevate and look people in the eye when making conversation. While elevated, Amanda can drive her power chair at walking speed, up to 3.5 mph. Thanks to independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), she enjoys a much smoother and comfortable ride, which is great when driving over bumpy or rough terrain.

Enjoying Greater Access with Her Quantum Power Wheelchair

iLevel power adjustable seat height offers other benefits too, especially in the home. Her Stretto Power Chair features an ultra-narrow width. This gives her greater access, so she can maneuver around tight corners and fit in smaller spaces. Plus, before she had iLevel, Amanda could not reach the things she needed. Now, she is much more independent.

“I can reach the sink and the cabinet,” Amanda said. “I also use iLevel to transfer from my chair to the bed in hotel rooms.”

Whether she is relaxing at home or out and about in her community, Amanda knows

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  1. I’m so proud of my daughter, Amanda, and her accomplishments and independence. Her Quantum Stretto Power Chair has made many differences in hers and my life. It’s amazing!! And so is she!

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