Great Tips on Where to Find Quantum Rehab Wheelchair Repair Near Me

Every minute matters when your Quantum Rehab Wheelchair needs service. Your power chair is how you stay independent. At Quantum Rehab, we build complex rehab equipment that you depend on every day. We take that responsibility seriously. Quantum Rehab is a global innovator for customized wheelchairs thanks to the quality, versatility and durability of our craftsmanship. We understand that parts wear out from time to time and your power chair needs routine service. So you might ask yourself, “where can I find wheelchair repair near me?”

How to find wheelchair repair near me

Each Quantum Rehab wheelchair is built to meet the needs of the user. It’s a medical device and servicing it requires special training. Someone who repairs cars is not necessarily equipped to repair your Quantum Rehab Wheelchair.

Quantum Rehab technicians are specially trained to understand structural, electrical and mechanical components of your power chair. For routine maintenance and more complicated repairs, you want someone with a deep level of understanding on the job.

How to Find Wheelchair Repair Near Me

So, how do you find a Quantum dealer near you? Simply contact the dealer where your power chair was originally purchased. If you don’t know where you originally purchased your wheelchair, please call us at 833-745-3835 with your power wheelchair’s serial number. We can tell you who your Quantum dealer is. Click to learn where to find your Quantum Rehab wheelchair’s serial number.

It’s important to note that Quantum Rehab is the manufacturer of your custom-built power wheelchair, but we do not sell wheelchairs to consumers or service them. To purchase a Quantum Power Chair or obtain service, you need to contact an authorized dealer.

Keep the contact information for your Quantum dealer in a safe place. So, whenever you need service or repairs, they are your first call.

What if Your Quantum Rehab Wheelchair Dealer is Closed

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Sometimes, following up with your original Quantum dealer might not be possible. You may have moved or maybe you’re traveling when something happens to your complex wheelchair.

Most people can find qualified Quantum dealers and repair technicians fairly close to them. You could start with Quantum’s dealer locator to see qualified providers near your location. Simply enter the zip code and go!

Of course, if you have uncertainty about any part of finding a provider on your own, call us at 833-745-3835.

Will Medicare Pay for Complex Wheelchair Repairs or Maintenance?

Medicare pays for repairs to durable medical equipment, which includes power chairs, under certain circumstances. Your dealer or technician can help you understand whether your device qualifies, but generally, Medicare will reimburse for repairs as long as:

  • Repairs are required to make the equipment serviceable or usable
  • You own or are buying your power chair
  • The maintenance requires a skilled technician to complete

If your repairs or service are not covered, you have other options. Most providers accept Care Credit, a special credit card just for medical expenses, so you can pay for repairs over time. Just be careful of promotional interest rates and when they expire.

Quantum Rehab Wheelchair Repair Near Me

Quantum Rehab Might not sell or service a complex wheelchair, but we’re still here to help! If you have questions about where to service your equipment or how to find your serial number, call us or send an email!

Phone: 833-745-3835 or email:

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