Embracing a New Season: Accessible Fall in California      

Fall is upon us! Typically, I am not excited about the shift in seasons. In the past, around this time when others are preparing to indulge in all things pumpkin spice and extra layers of clothing, I’m sulking about putting away my summer maxi dresses and hiding my cute pedicure under closed-toe shoes.

This year, however, is a bit different. It’s my first fall season as an Angeleno (aka resident of Los Angeles, CA) and I’m excited about trying out some new activities. Not only is the weather a bit more to my liking, but the idea of trying new things in a place I’ve never lived makes me ready for some accessible adventures. So, here are three activities I’m looking forward to indulging in for fall in Cali.

All Things Apples

red apples on tree
Photo by Tom Swinnen on Pexels.com

From pies to doughnuts, to cider to just the fruit itself, apparently apple picking is a popular activity in southern California throughout the fall. I’m looking forward to checking out one of the U-pick farms in nearby San Bernardino County or even trekking a bit further down to Julian, a town in San Diego County. Apparently, it boasts some of the best pies in SoCal.

S’mores by the Fire

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Photo by Calvin Hanson on Pexels.com

As a lifelong Girl Scout (I not only participated as a child but worked for a Girl Scout Council for almost a decade), there is one food group that I will never have enough of…S’MORES!

While I’m not a fan of marshmallows on their own, there’s nothing like roasting them over a fire, melting them and sticking them in between a Hershey and some graham crackers. This fall, I can’t wait to sit by the new fire pit in our backyard and enjoy the company, warmth and delicious flavor of this dessert sandwich.

Enjoy an Outdoor Movie

Because the warmer weather does last a bit longer here, the idea of sitting under a big screen in the dark under a cozy blanket sounds pretty appealing. Multiple local pop-up cinemas are continuing their schedules through October. Who knows? I might even cave and watch a horror film for once!

What plans do you have for fall?

About Andraéa LaVant: Andraéa is a disability consultant and worked as an impact producer for Crip Camp, a feature-length documentary on Netflix. Andraéa lives in California and uses a 4Front 2 Power Chair.

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