Top Accessible Features for Power Chair Users in the Home

Izzie and David are Quantum power chair users

To buy or build a house? That is the question my fiancé and I are currently asking ourselves. To better answer that question, we need to decide whether we want to deal with construction now or later. With two power chair users in the home, there is going to be mandatory modifications and accessibility features needed to accommodate us.  

For example, no matter where we live, there needs to be wheelchair ramps, grab bars a roll-in shower, roll-under sinks and enough room for us to both fit in most of the living quarters together. Still, what about those accessibility features that are not required to live but would make life a lot easier if we had them? Below is a list of accessibility features for my dream accessible home.

Raised Power Sockets

Most power sockets/wall-plugs are closer to the ground, forcing a power chair user to bend over to plug something in. If the plugs are higher up the wall, there is less bending. I can reach it better while in my Quantum Rehab Wheelchair.

Pockets Doors for Power Chair Users

Navigating narrow doorways and small rooms can be challenging with wheelchairs, especially when a door is on hinges. Pocket doors that slide into the wall can open up a room and give a Quantum power wheelchair user more room to maneuver.

Roll Under Stove-Top and Built-In Oven

Having a roll under stove top would make it easier for me and my fiancé to use all four burners on a stove, instead of just the front two. Then, having the oven raised and built into the cabinet would give us greater access to pull things out of the oven.

Power Chair Roll-In Pantry

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Imagine having one room that you could roll into and all your food and essentials are in one place, instead of having to search cabinet after cabinet. I want everything in one place and on display. Cue Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit on Netflix.

Open-Drawer Appliances

Microwaves and dishwashers are now available to pull out like a drawer. Being able to open a dishwasher like drawer can make it easier for a Quantum power wheelchair user like me to roll up closer and load the dishes.

Built-In Laundry Baskets

For me, the hardest thing about doing the laundry is shuffling the clothes to and from the laundry area. Having laundry baskets built in by the washer and dryer would allow us to grab the clothes from the baskets and put them directly in the washer. This is so much easier, as opposed to moving laundry baskets all over the house.

About Isabella Bullock: Isabella, or Izzie for short, is an employment specialist for the Center of Independent Living. She is an iced coffee enthusiast who enjoys getting lost in a good book. Click here to learn more about Isabella.

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