My Quantum Power Wheelchair is a Great Tool

I often get asked about the differences between using a manual wheelchair compared to using a power chair. I use both very frequently. So, here are the benefits of each and how my Quantum Power Wheelchair serves as a tool.

The Benefits of a Manual Wheelchair When I Travel

When I need to travel, it’s so much simpler to use a manual wheelchair. A manual wheelchair is lighter, so the process of loading and unloading to and from the airplane by airline staff goes much smoother. There is definitely less risk of damage to occur with a manual wheelchair over a power wheelchair. When I use a taxi service or rideshare like Uber, it’s easier for the driver to load and unload the chair from the vehicle.

While there are perks to using a manual wheelchair, there are drawbacks. I only have one good hand, so it’s tough to hold things and push my manual chair. I feel a bit hindered. So, if I need to do things around my house, such as taking out the trash or carrying stuff, it’s more challenging. That’s why my Quantum Rehab Wheelchair makes those tasks so much easier.

Using My Quantum Rehab Wheelchair at Home

My Quantum Rehab Wheelchair is an Edge® 3 with iLevel® technology. I can elevate the seat on my wheelchair, up to 12 inches, which is great for cooking and reaching stuff in my refrigerator and cabinets. iLevel makes taking out the trash much simpler and easier. My power chair allows me to have total independence, so I can live alone. It’s freeing!

So, while my manual wheelchair does offer some flexibility when traveling, I have greater independence when I use my power chair.

How My Quantum Power Wheelchair is a Tool

The Quantum Rehab Power Wheelchair, Edge 3

The first thing I learned about being in a wheelchair is that your life becomes different. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I learned to look at things or situations and think about how I will accomplish something or what can I use to help me achieve a goal. My power chair is an important tool that helps me do things, and I’m not just talking about iLevel.

Here’s an example. When I go shopping with family or friends and there are a lot of bags or heavy stuff to bring in, I let them load me up like I’m a wheelbarrow. I can put heavy boxes in my lap and drive my power chair to where the boxes need to go. So, even as a wheelchair user, I can still help and be helpful to others.

About Bryan Anderson: Bryan grew up and resides in Illinois. Injured by an IED in October 2005, Bryan is one of the few triple amputees to survive his injuries in Iraq. He is an ambassador for the Gary Sinise Foundation and a spokesperson for USA Cares, which is focused on assisting post 9-11 veterans. Click here to learn more about Bryan.

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