Getting Maintenance Done When You Have a Conversion Van

When it comes to getting around in a car, I’m thankful to have a side entry minivan with electronic controls that I can drive. I can remain in my Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair and operate the vehicle too. all by myself all from my quantum edge 3 I level power chair. If you are in a wheelchair like me and you drive with a conversion vehicle, I’m sure you dread any kind of maintenance that needs to be done, especially when it comes to the hand controls.

The Need for an Oil Change

Recently, my oil change and check engine light came on and I faced a challenge. My van is a lowered floor conversion van. To get an oil change done on any vehicle, usually you have to put that vehicle on a lift at a garage. Plus, my nearest ramp conversion vehicle dealership was over 200 miles away from my current location. I didn’t really want to drive all that way just for an oil change.

Finding a Dealer to Help Me

I went to a couple dealers, including my local Dodge dealership and the manager was hesitant about putting my vehicle on a lift due to my floor being lowered. I knew that there had to be a solution, so I went online. I found a small, franchised chain of oil service centers that offer in your car oil changes. They had a location that was about 20 minutes away from where I was staying, so I decided to drive over there and see if they could assist me.

Drive Up Service for Wheelchair Accessible Vans

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When I arrived, a gentleman came out right to my car window. I explained the situation with my hand controls and he said that they don’t even have lifts in the garage. They have little sunken areas in the floor that you drive your car over and you can stay right in the vehicle while the technician underneath you completes your oil change. I was relieved because I had been dreading my van going up on a lift. The staff was extremely patient, and they went above and beyond even checking my other levels of fluid in my van and filling up my windshield washer fluid.

So, if anybody out there that has a lowered floor conversion van, I recommend looking into a garage or service that has the option for drive up service, allowing you to stay in your car while they service it.

About Josh McDermott: Josh is a brand ambassador for Quantum Rehab®. He is a public speaker and has served as a goodwill ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Josh lives in New York and loves to travel. Click here to learn more about Josh.

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