An Exciting Visit to Desert Hot Springs in My 4Front 2

Spring has sprung! From the gorgeous flowers blooming to the longer days of sunshine, it’s one of my favorite times of year. As a full-time entrepreneur, however, it can be hard to enjoy all that springtime has to offer.

Taking Time Off

This year has been different. For the first time ever, we decided as a company to implement a week-long spring break. Burnout is very real, so it’s important to rest when we can. As wonderful as using paid time off can be, sometimes it can be harder to do when you know the work is continuing and people within the office are still forging ahead on the work. Scheduled company-wide breaks are great because there’s a lot less pressure to answer emails or do work when you know your colleagues are also taking a break.

I was thrilled to take my first spring break in my 4Front® 2 Power Wheelchair. Having recently moved to California, we thought it’d be fun to split time by enjoying a few experiences within the state.

Visiting Desert Hot Springs

First stop: Desert Hot Springs. I’d heard much about hot springs experiences from friends who’ve benefited from the warm mineral waters of the pools. The dry heat that can be helpful for those of us with upper respiratory concerns. We found a quaint little resort, the El Morocco Inn & Spa, that had a great wheelchair accessible room. The bathroom was huge and the bed was just high enough for my Hoyer lift. I took advantage of the mineral water pool because of the chair lift and had a great deep tissue massage!

Shopping in Palm Springs

Just 20 minutes down the road from Desert Hot Springs lies Palm Springs, which offered a much different vibe. It was the perfect place to spend the day shopping in cute little boutiques and enjoy lunch and dinner at some delicious local restaurants. Best of all, we caught the weekly downtown street fair. Local craftsmen sold everything from handmade jewelry to local honey Of course, I purchased many of these items.

Finally, we spent the last couple of days in our local area of Los Angeles, getting to know our neighborhood a bit more.

It’s great to have a power wheelchair that handles exploring in all types of terrain. From uneven sidewalks to grass to sand, my 4Front 2 Power Wheelchair beautifully handled my spring break adventures. I can’t wait to take it on my next break adventure!

About Andraéa LaVant: Andraéa is a disability consultant and worked as an impact producer for Crip Camp, a feature-length documentary on Netflix. Andraéa lives in California and uses a 4Front 2 Power Chair.

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