Cooking in the Kitchen with iLevel Technology

I’ve always loved cooking fresh meals for my life partner, but it was always a struggle maneuvering around my kitchen space in my manual wheelchair at the time. My manual wheelchair was a bit wide, so turning around in tight spaces was a pain. I had to carry things on my lap so that I could propel myself. Worst yet, it was a MAJOR struggle to reach the things in my kitchen that are high up, such as my microwave and cabinets. Even working on the counter tops was an uncomfortable struggle.

The Benefits of iLevel Technology

When I switched over to a power wheelchair, I was excited that I was getting power adjustable seat height. function added to it. I knew that I would be able to elevate my power chair seating and reach things in my own home. My new Stretto Power Wheelchair has been extremely helpful in all aspects of my daily life. The iLevel feature on my power wheelchair has been such a game changer for me when it comes to cooking!

Preparing Home Cooked Meals with iLevel

Presenting my partner with home cooked meals after they come home from a hard day’s work is something that I look forward to every day, when I have the energy to do so. With my Stretto with iLevel technology, I can comfortably reach my high cabinets where we keep our dishware and seasonings! Reaching this height from my old manual wheelchair was impossible. I needed help getting things down. This was a real problem for me, as I am home alone during the day. Now, I am happy to be able to get out plates, cups, and other cookware all by myself! I can also comfortably use my counter tops, cook on my stove and see what I am actually doing! When I used my manual wheelchair, I had to peek my head over my stove dangerously close to the heating elements (not fun or safe). The elevating function has definitely saved the food I was preparing from burning a few times!

While I really enjoy utilizing my power chair equipped with iLevel technology throughout the day, I cannot stress enough just how helpful it’s been for me in my kitchen. Cooking has been a slight passion of mine for many years now. Having the ability to access my kitchen’s appliances independently means that I can cook more efficiently and safely!

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