A Great Farmers Market Visit in My Stretto Wheelchair

It is springtime, and that means fresh flowers and produce! I have loved going to farmers markets since I was a kid. In Oregon, there is no shortage of them. The atmosphere, food and amazing music will always be my favorite part of spring and summer.

Most farmers markets are set up with lots of space in between stalls and most vendors use wheelchair-height tables. It is a great place to go, especially in a pandemic because it is outside. I recently went to a farmer’s market in Eugene, Oregon. It was my first time using my Stretto Power Wheelchair at a farmers market!

Hitting the Thai Booth for Some Food

brown leaf vegetables on brown wooden stand
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Oregon is a great place for agriculture and artistry. I saw lots of tie-dye art and plenty of produce. My goal was to find some Pad Thai. The Thai booth was tall and using iLevel® technology on my power wheelchair, I could reach the credit card reader. Usually, I struggle with walking through the stalls because everyone is walking and moving. Seating is limited and I often worried about my energy and balance, so it was stressful. With my Stretto Motorized Wheelchair, I did not have to worry about these things, so, I had a lot more fun!

Navigating Through Crowds

iLevel technology also made it easier to get a better view of where I was going when I was in the middle of crowds. My Stretto Motorized Wheelchair is super narrow, so having the ability to turn on a dime helped me to avoid running into people. Plus, my Quantum® backup camera prevented me from falling off the curb (yikes). My new favorite feature, the horn, definitely cleared the path in crowded areas.

Having Fun in My Stretto Power Wheelchair

My Stretto Power Wheelchair helped me in many ways. Most importantly, it helped me focus on fun things. Instead of worrying about my balance or fatigue, I focused on spending time with my family. The whole experience was more enjoyable because I could rely on my wheelchair. Plus, I only used up about 10 percent of my battery while I was there, which was about 3 hours! It was also a great pleasure to talk with other Quantum wheelchair users. I saw a few while at the farmers market.

I highly recommend taking a trip to your local farmers market to support local farmers and experience great artistry!

About Riley Hurt: Riley lives in Salem, Oregon, and uses a Stretto Power Wheelchair for mobility. Riley is enrolled in college, pursuing electrical and computer engineering. She hopes to make her future field more inclusive for people with disabilities. Click here to learn more about Riley.

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