Great Wheelchair-Accessible Eats in Downtown St. Louis

I live in the downtown area of St Louis, which is not as big as people think. In my area, there’s a lot of cool things that you can get to from where I live, including different kinds of restaurants. The building where I live is pretty nice, which is great because we all know that not all buildings are ADA compliant. After I leave my residence through the back, I can travel in three different directions and visit different restaurants around me. Here are some of my favorite places that are fun and accessible.

Wheelchair Accessibility at the Field House

About two blocks from my place, which is rolling distance to anyone living nearby, there is a restaurant/sports bar called the Field House. Once you enter, it is very spacious inside, so it’s easy to maneuver a power wheelchair. You can sit at the table-top bar, elevated at iLevel® in your power wheelchair, or you can sit in the dining room at a table with your friends and family. The staff there is always nice, which is very important for people with disabilities. When we are in wheelchairs, sometimes people don’t treat us with respect or aren’t responsible enough to treat us like other people there.  They have an awesome patio space that is fully accessible at every entrance and it is very open and spacious. It’s a great place for sitting, relaxing and people watching. Sometimes, you can hear live music, which is always a plus. There’s always something happening here in the summertime.

Accessible Eating for Brunch

From the sports bar, you can go another two blocks to this awesome brunch place named Turn. It’s pretty awesome, as the food is very different. The accessibility is great too. Although the main entrance has stairs, there is a front-side door so I can roll right in easily. This is ideal for people from all walks of life, whether you are rolling in your power wheelchair or have trouble navigating up steps. The staff is always very accommodating and understanding. The brunch they serve is always different. Plus, the chef always comes out to make sure the patrons received everything they ordered.

I always recommend this place to people who are walking or rolling around downtown St. Louis, especially for those who have accessibility needs.

Accessible Eating at the Fountain on Locust

Last but definitely not least, there’s a place called the Fountain on Locust that recently opened up after COVID-19 hit us hard. If you’re wanting a taste of a little bit of everything, this is the spot to go. It’s accessible from any direction, as there are rolled curbs, as well as an elevator that takes you to the main area, which is considered a mess hall. It is super easy to maneuver my power wheelchair inside, as there is so much room for everyone. You can roll around and check out all the different kinds of food they are offering that day.

It’s kind of nice when good restaurants are right in your hometown. Most of the time, when I’m out of town visiting somewhere, those places offer better accessibility. Still, as time goes on things may accessibility improve so we can all roll in our power chairs to our destinations.

About Jesse Cuellar: Jesse is an artist and a brand ambassador for Quantum Rehab®. An accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, so he uses his mouth to paint and expresses himself through his art. Jesse lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and enjoys painting and hanging out with his friends. Click here to learn more about Jesse.

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