Positive Changes in the Pandemic

Over two years ago, everyone’s lives dramatically changed due to COVID-19. The fast-paced life we led came to a screeching halt. With our daily routines so abruptly interrupted, we had to learn new ways to carry on.

As an individual living with a disability, I must confess that I enjoyed and still enjoy some of the changes that took place because of COVID-19. My two favorite changes were spending more time with my daughter and being able to work from home.

Virtual Learning

When I picked my daughter up from school that Friday afternoon in March 2020, neither of us realized that it would be the last time she would leave school as a third grader. Her school did an excellent job of transitioning the students from in-person classroom learning to virtual learning from home. I loved the extra one-on-one time I spent with my daughter. Every day, we enjoyed a leisurely stroll around our street, exploring and talking about nature. We’d often pause to examine something a little closer. Those things we never would have noticed before because of our jam-packed schedules.

During those first few weeks, we both quickly realized why I did not pursue a degree in education. LOL. Teachers do not receive the pay or gratitude they deserve for growing and cultivating the young minds of our children. School wasn’t the only activity that made a virtual transition.

Working from Home

Like so many others during the pandemic, I began working from home. There is so much time saved in not having a commute to work. No more rushing out the door to join the early morning rush hour traffic. I no longer needed to fix my hair or apply makeup. For people like me with limited mobility, it takes much longer to perform a morning routine of bathing and dressing for the day. Those extra minutes gained from working at home make a huge difference for me!

I love that my morning commute is just a short roll down the hallway. I can work in my pajamas! I am so thankful for the luxury of still being able to work from home. No matter how bad things may seem in the moment, there are always positive things to focus on instead.

I so enjoyed the break my daughter and I had from our fast-paced schedules. Unfortunately, even though I’m still working from home, our lives seem more fast paced now than before the pandemic started two years ago. Do you have any positives to share from all the changes the pandemic caused?

About Bliss Welch: Bliss is a Quantum® brand ambassador and Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2013. Bliss is actively involved in the disability community. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her daughter. Click here to learn more about Bliss.

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