Christian Budney is Ready and Excited for Adventure

For Scranton, PA, native Christian Budney, making connections and helping others is a true passion of his.

“If I can help other people, I am happy!” Christian said.

Christian has faced many challenges in his life, all with a kind heart and a positive attitude. In March 2006, at just 17 years old, Christian broke his C5 vertebrae in a snowboarding accident. Paralyzed from the chest down, his life drastically changed. Still, Christian didn’t let his accident keep him from achieving his goals. He obtained both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work. Today, he works full-time and lives life on his terms.

Getting Outdoors with his 4Front 2 Power Wheelchair

Because of his active lifestyle, Christian uses the 4Front® 2 Power Chair for mobility.

“It has amazing suspension and power,” Christian said. “I love spending time outdoors and I never need to worry about hitting bumps or wheeling through any kind of terrain.”

While he loves the suspension, his favorite feature on the 4Front 2 Power Chair is the power adjustable safe seat elevation. Christian elevates his power wheelchair when performing transfers from his wheelchair to his bed. Safe seat elevation has also made household tasks like cooking much easier. The social benefits are significant too.

“Whether I am chatting with coworkers or spending time with my friends and family, being at the same level as them is both empowering and life changing,” Christian said.

Making a Difference

In his role as a school social worker, Christian enjoys helping others and connecting with his students.

“The students that I work with inspire me and I hope that I can inspire them,” Christian said.

Outside of work, Christian is involved with a local chapter of the United Spinal Association. He tries to attend “Roll on Capitol Hill” every year, which is an annual policy event that supports key advocacy priorities for people with disabilities. As Christian looks toward the future, he and his girlfriend are excited to attend several concerts, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They are also flying to Hawaii in a few months.

“While it can be a little scary to travel as a wheelchair user, the destination always makes it worth it!” Christian said.

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