Zoe Hernandez is Rising to the Occasion with iLevel

Ever since she was nine years old, Zoe Hernandez has been interested in meteorology. Seeing how weather patterns can change from one minute to the next is fascinating to her. Zoe is inspired by professional meteorologists on television and loves to watch Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel and Gil Simmons from WTNH News 8.

“These men are my inspiration,” Zoe said. “I love how they forecast the weather. They make it seem so interesting and fun.”

Her Life is Made Easier with iLevel

Originally from Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, Zoe currently resides in New Haven, Connecticut with her family. Although she was born without limbs, Zoe enjoys greater mobility and independence with her Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair, which is equipped with iLevel® technology.

“I like that I can move around without needing anyone to help me,” Zoe said.

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Zoe likes to cook breakfast for her family in the mornings using iLevel on her power wheelchair. Her specialty is scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. Once her dad has all the ingredients together, he dumps everything in the frying pan. iLevel allows Zoe to reach the stovetop so she can watch the eggs cook and mix everything using a spatula that she holds in her mouth.

Zoe also loves the upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) on her motorized wheelchair, which provides a smooth, comfortable ride over rugged terrain. Plus, the Quantum backup camera allows her to see what’s going on behind her when reversing.

“My power chair gives me so much independence and I can use advanced Bluetooth technology,” Zoe said.

Thanks to Bluetooth capabilities on her Edge 3 Motorized Wheelchair, Zoe uses a tablet for her schoolwork and makes phone calls to her friends and family.

Sharing Her Story with the World

Zoe loves to share with people how her power chair has changed her life.

“Not many people know what it is like to have a power chair like mine,” Zoe said. “I meet people who are disabled just like me and I share with them how they can be independent.”

As Zoe works to earn her college degree, she is one step closer to achieving her career goal. Zoe knows it will take a lot of hard work and determination to achieve her dream of becoming a meteorologist. Still, no matter what the forecast calls for, she is ready to tackle anything that comes her way.

“I can show people that even though I am disabled, I can do things if I set my mind and heart to it,” Zoe said.

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