Jill Moore White is Playing it Forward

As an inclusive play specialist for a playground manufacturer, Jill Moore White understands the value of bringing accessible playgrounds to local communities. Jill believes that children of all abilities should be given an equal opportunity to play. She looks for ways to expand beyond meeting ADA standards, inviting more diagnoses to the experience of play in an equitable way.

“There’s a limited number of people who work in play that actually have a disability or grew up with one,” Jill explained. “Having really missed the boat on playgrounds, I can speak to the role with actual experience and why it matters so much.”

Using Her Power Wheelchair in the Home

Born with spina bifida, Jill used crutches and a walker for mobility, then transitioned to a manual wheelchair when she was seven years old. Today, Jill uses a Stretto with iLevel technology and is impressed with how compact it is. 

“My husband and I were certainly a bit wary on how the chair would fit in our space and I was so pleasantly surprised with its maneuverability,” Jill said.

She can easily adjust her power wheelchair to be more comfortable when her muscles get stiff. While Jill loves many features on her Stretto Power Chair, she is thrilled with how much iLevel helps her around the home. She can change her height at the touch of a button to pick things up or put them down. Plus, Jill can take the garbage out, three bags at a time.

“Elevating at iLevel means I’m not dragging them on the ground as I go; no more risking a tear and garbage leaking everywhere,” Jill said.

iLevel has also changed the game when it comes to mopping and vacuuming.

“It’s been really nice to hold something and move at the same time,” Jill said. “I’ve never been able to do that before!”

Her Role in the Disability Community

Jill currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a certified SCUBA rescue diver and has made two U.S.A. teams for wheelchair racing as a sprinter. While growing up, Jill’s role in the disability community was limited to athletics. Today, her career in inclusive play has led her to become more involved in other ways.

“As cheesy as it is, I really love my job and it’s been huge in developing my voice as a disabled person and as a confident woman,” Jill said.

She volunteers with Stay Focused, an organization that is dedicated to certifying teens with disabilities in SCUBA diving. She also participates with the Disability EmpowHER Network, a non-profit that creates a network of disabled women who forge mentorships with disabled girls.

While disability advocacy is a huge passion, Jill also enjoys music, sketching and playing video games. She and her husband game together. They also enjoy attending concerts, traveling and trying new foods.

“Sometimes, I pretend I can play the ukulele,” Jill joked.



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