Riley Hurt: A Moment of Science

Physics. Chemistry. Biology. We all remember these classes from school. For Riley Hurt, science is a passion. She is fascinated by seismic activity, military science and mobility device development. Now in college, Riley is pursuing electrical and computer engineering.

“I love learning about science and teaching others, as well as exploring new things!” Riley said.

How the Stretto Power Wheelchair Helps Her

A resident of Salem, Oregon, Riley lives with a condition called Charcot-Marie Tooth, which is a degenerative nerve disease. Riley knew that when she began college, she would be doing a lot of walking and other activities that require physical strength. After receiving her Stretto Power Wheelchair with iLevel®, Riley went from full-time ambulatory to part time, which helps her to conserve her energy.

“I can stroll around campus without worrying about walking distance, fatigue, or balance issues, while conserving my energy for typing, writing, and engineering,” Riley said.

Riley loves the maneuverability and narrow width of her Stretto Power Chair.

“It is easier to navigate elevators, hallways and small spaces, like science labs!” Riley said.

Riley also likes iLevel technology, as well as the tilt and recline options on her power chair. Reclining helps her to manage back pain. Her Stretto is also equipped with the Quantum backup camera, which prevents her from bumping into her dogs. According to Riley, they lack in “spatial awareness.”

In addition, the backup camera gives her extra safety while completing lab work.

“Nobody wants to break expensive equipment,” Riley said.

What She Learns from Others

Although living with her disability can be challenging, Riley has learned a lot from her mother, Jill, who also lives with Charcot-Marie Tooth and has been active in the disability community for decades. From this, Riley has developed a support system.

“Because the disability community is intersectional, I have gained a lot of information and experiences from many types of people,” Riley said.

In the future, Riley hopes to implement everything she learns to make her field more inclusive for people with disabilities.

“My plan is to make the engineering industry more accommodating through future projects I work on,” Riley said.

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