The Benefits of Technology When Transferring to a Medical Exam Table

Many of us who use wheelchairs find it very difficult to transfer in a medical setting, such as transferring to an exam table or MRI table. Quite often, these medical tables or equipment are too high for transferring from a manual or power wheelchair. This is where iLevel® technology comes in handy.

How iLevel Aids in Transferring

Last month, I needed to have an MRI. I am so thankful that my power wheelchair has power adjustable seat height. iLevel’s Extra Stability Technology® enhances safety for many daily activities, including reaching, cooking, grooming and transferring. I elevated my power chair 12 inches and safely transferred from my power chair to the MRI table. It would have been a difficult task for me to do this if I did not have iLevel.

The Need for Accessible Medical Equipment

People with disabilities experience a higher prevalence of preventable disease and poorer health outcomes compared to the general population. Yet, adults with disabilities continue to face significant physical barriers. These physical impediments prevent access to health care, which results in healthcare needs being unfulfilled. One of the most significant barriers is the absence of accessible diagnostic equipment.

Although some physicians and medical facilities have accessible exam tables, many in rural areas where I live do not. Quite honestly, the MRI table is one of the least accessible pieces of medical equipment you could transfer onto. I was fortunate to have seat elevation to aid me in transferring.

Advocating for Power Adjustable Seat Height

To me, seat elevation should be on everyone’s power chair. It is used in many ways in our homes and in our communities.  One of the things that we’re working on continuously at Quantum is to educate the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid on the importance of power adjustable seat height, like iLevel. This crucial piece of technology helps so many people with disabilities complete daily activities, including accessing medical equipment.

About Madonna Long: Madonna works as a disability advocate to educate policymakers and congressional leaders on disability issues. She uses an Edge 3 Power Wheelchair for mobility. She is a mother to four children and lives life on her terms, despite a spinal cord injury. Click here to learn more about Madonna.

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