How I Made Friends from Around the World

Want to know what I love most about the weekends? I can play all the video games I want! I like to reconnect with my gaming friends online. The main rule my mom has is that I make sure all homework, makeup work and studying is completed for that week. She always says, “Cs are not an option,” in her I’m-not-playing-with-you voice! I make her proud so I can continue with the love of my life: my PlayStation. It’s the best gaming system.

I love the friends I make while playing my games. They’re from all around the world. I have friends from Puerto Rico, Italy, London and Canada. While playing games, we learn about each other and it’s interesting. It is like having a pen pal, but in game form. When we cannot play with each other for a while, it gives us plenty to talk about when we finally do!

Meet My Friend Juan

Juan lives in Puerto Rico. He tells me all about the foods I should try when my family goes out. He also teaches me a little Spanish here and there. I really like connecting with people from other cultures. It makes school a little more interesting.

Meet Angelic from Italy

Angelic lives in Italy and tells me that I’ve never had real spaghetti if someone from Italy didn’t make it. I plan on traveling there one day to see if that is true. Although, I could just ask for the recipe and have my mom make it. She is an awesome cook. Angelic enjoys playing games that have scenery from America. She wants to travel here one day and hopefully she has fun whenever she does. When we play the game “Call of Duty,” she always asks if the scenes from the game are what America really looks like.  

My Friend Josie is from London

Josie is from London. It seems like she is from America yet she has a really heavy British accent. It makes talking to her so funny, especially when she loses. She calls her mom “mum” and that is so weird to me. I tell her all the time that she sounds like Peppa Pig, although she hates the show. Apparently, the accent is very different, according to her.

Meet My Friend Jake

My last close gaming friend is Jake and he is from Vancouver, Canada, which, to me, is also like America. He has a very different accent and likes playing Fortnite. His younger brother, Jonathan, also plays with us. They are close and it is noticeable when we are playing multi-player games. They always look out for each other and never want to be partners with anybody else.

The friends I make online take me away from my everyday life. I often see the same kids from school and my neighborhood. They all look similar and talk the same too. My gaming friends make playing way more fun because I also learn about different cultures. Between rounds of the games, we ask each other questions and sometimes we even talk during the game.

One day, I hope I get to meet my gaming friends in person. It would be cool. The friends I make from other countries have caused my friendships with people from school to become stronger. It is really easy to connect with people when you all have a common interest.

About Morgan Steward: Morgan is an honorary police officer for the Covington Georgia Police Department. He uses the Stretto Power Wheelchair for mobility. Morgan is an active member in his community and enjoys helping others. Click here to learn more about Morgan.

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