Kerri Knudson: Exploring the Outdoors

Kerri in her 4Front 2 Quantum Rehab Wheelchair

Helen Keller once said that life is either a daring adventure or nothing. As for Kerri Knudson, she’ll choose adventure every time! Her passion for the outdoors pushes Kerri beyond her limits, as she loves to soak up the beauty that is all around her.

“I am inspired by pushing the limits most people think I should have,” said Kerri. “I like to show people that having a disability doesn’t mean that I can’t do something.”

Born with arthrogryposis, a rare muscle disorder, Kerri’s muscles do not develop properly and she lacks strength in her lower extremities and shoulders. She uses a power chair for mobility and currently has the 4Front® 2 Power Wheelchair. Equipped with Smart Traction Control (STC) and SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), the 4Front 2 Power Wheelchair is perfect for tackling uneven terrain. This is ideal for Kerri, as she loves camping and going on trails.

After growing up in California, her journey led Kerri to put down roots in northern Utah. A single mom, she resides there with her 13-year-old daughter.

“She is the joy of my life,” Kerri said. 

“I love that my power wheelchair can get me places I can’t get to otherwise, especially outdoors.”

– Kerri Knudson

At home, Kerri enjoys using safe seat elevation on her 4Front 2 Motorized Wheelchair. Elevated at 10 inches, Kerri can now water her hanging plants independently and reach her stovetop and cabinets, which ensures that cooking is safe and easy. She has even learned some new recipes!

Kerri loves that the Quantum backup camera on her motorized wheelchair provides a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees, which makes reversing her power chair effortless, especially in her home.

“I have an awkward shaped bathroom,” Kerri said. “The backup camera has helped me turn my chair around a corner that had previously been difficult.”

In between camping trips and traversing the Utah wilderness, Kerri works full-time and is a public speaker. Most recently, Kerri became a Q Roll Model for Quantum and is excited for the opportunities it gives her.

“I want to take Quantum with me on some amazing adventures,” Kerri said. “Life is meant to be lived!”

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