Top Hidden Features on My Stretto Power Chair

My Quantum Stretto Power Wheelchair has so many great features! Some of them stand out and everyone knows about them. There are some features, however, that are hidden. Recently, I did a video countdown of the top five hidden features on my Stretto. This blog post breaks down each feature and includes links to the videos. 

Number 5 – Front and Rear LED Fender Lights

The Stretto Power Wheelchair comes standard with front and rear LED fender lights.  These LED lights are SO bright. They are handy to have in variety of situations. If the power goes out at your house, no need to hunt for a flashlight because these lights illuminate an entire room. Rolling through a dark parking garage at night? No problem! These lights allow for easy navigation to your desired destination. Click here to watch the video.

Number 4 – Two post armrests

There are several armrest options for the Stretto Motorized Wheelchair. I have always preferred the two-post armrests. There is a convenient pouch attached to the two posts on the armrest. These pouches allow storage for small items, such as a phone charging cord, keys or tools for your wheelchair. The thing I love the most about these arm rests is that they almost close in the space next to my wheelchair cushion. Because of this, I can store my wallet and not worry about it falling between the armrest and the cushion. Click here to watch the video.

Number 3 – Independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension)

When you use a motorized wheelchair for 18+ hours of your day, comfort is one of the top requirements. While suspension might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about comfort, I promise that once your tires hit gravel you will understand. Thanks to independent SRS on my Stretto, I can race my daughter down a gravel driveway or through a field without feeling like I will be tossed from my wheelchair. The independent SRS has increased shock absorption, which also allows for a smooth transition over thresholds. I am grateful to Quantum’s R&D team for considering comfort through their design of independent SRS. Click here to watch the video.

Number 2 – USB Charger 

I must confess: I had the USB charger for my Stretto Power Chair for months before I actually used it. Just call me a creature of habit. I have a charging brick that I always use and didn’t feel like the USB charger on my power chair was really necessary. Boy, was I wrong! One day my charging brick AND my cell phone were dead so I gave the USB charger on my power chair shot. What a MAJOR game changer!  I now have the convenience of charging my phone (or any other USB powered device) directly from my power wheelchair. My phone charges so much fast using the USB charger and it doesn’t drain the batteries on my Stretto wheelchair! If you don’t already have the Quantum USB charger, I highly recommend getting it today. I promise you will thank me for it! Click here to watch the video.

Number 1 – iLevel® technology

Let the trumpets sound and the drums roll for this number 1 feature. By far and hands down, iLevel is absolutely the most fabulous feature on my Stretto! The iLevel technology allows me to raise my wheelchair seat 12 inches so I can truly see the world at eye level. This amazing feature allows me to navigate life like never before. But wait, there’s more! I do not have to depress a button the entire time my wheelchair is raising up or down. It is literally ONE touch of the button and I can continue rolling while my wheelchair raises the full 12 inches. Or if I only need to raise up a few inches, I just touch the button once more and it stops. iLevel with one touch is completely amazing and life changing! Click here to watch the video.

About Bliss Welch: Bliss is a Quantum® brand ambassador and Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2013. Bliss is actively involved in the disability community. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her daughter. Click here to learn more about Bliss.

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