It’s Time! PQ-365 App Update Now Available

Pride Mobility and Quantum Rehab have released an update to the PQ-365 app that offers new features to help providers save time.

New features include:

  • Quantum order tracker
  • Barcode scanner
  • Fault code search
  • Favorites section
  • Single sign on
  • Recently viewed products

With the new Quantum order tracker, providers can view the life cycle of an order and track its status, from assembly to quality control to shipping. This can significantly reduce the amount of time a provider spends on the phone with Sales. 

The single sign on feature also decreases valuable time lost. Providers can simply log into the app using their login credentials and access all the restricted areas of the app, without having to enter the passwords.

The barcode scanner is a helpful tool for technicians in the field. They can use the app to quickly scan the barcode on a part of a chair and view the information for it. The fault code search is another great time saver, allowing technicians to quickly look up what a fault code means when troubleshooting in the field or at the office.

When providers or technicians use content in the app frequently, they can add it to their Favorites list, allowing them to pull it up quickly. The recently viewed products feature is another fast way to access product information with just a few taps.

“We are excited to take the PQ-365 app to the next level,” said Kate Pencek, Senior Director of IT & Enterprise Architecture. “When we first launched, PQ-365 served as a central repository for everything Pride and Quantum for providers and clinicians. We’re taking that one step further by adding features that can shave off valuable minutes during their day.”

According to Jeff Distasio, Senior Director of Pride Sales, these new features in the app make it easier than ever to do business with Pride and Quantum. 

“This latest update has enhanced PQ-365 in many ways,” said Jeff. “Instead of a provider calling us to get the status of an order, they can use the app to quickly look up the order. Providers and their technicians can also look up a serial number and see all the information regarding that specific unit. These features make the app an important tool, helping mobility product professionals save time and be more successful.”

The PQ-365 app is available for download via the App Store and Google Play. Those who already have the app installed will receive an app update to download the new version.

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