David Arnold: Ready to Receive

If you are an amateur radio operator like David Arnold, you probably have a unique call sign, which is used to identify a radio station or operator. Just like his call sign, David is also incredibly unique. He is extremely grateful for the independence he has gained with his Quantum® Power Chair.

Enjoying Greater Independence with iLevel ®

David was born with cerebral palsy and this affects his ability to walk. To maintain mobility, David uses the Q6 Edge® HD Power Wheelchair with iLevel® technology. He loves how maneuverable the power wheelchair is in small areas.

David in his Q6 Edge HD Power Wheelchair

“I like the power wheelchair’s ability to turn in tight places,” David said. “I also like that the power wheelchair can raise to be at eye level with others.”

With iLevel technology on his Q6 Edge HD Motorized Wheelchair, David can elevate the seat of his wheelchair up to 10 inches. This allows him to communicate with others eye to eye without having to crane his neck to look up at them. David can also complete everyday tasks independently, such as reaching items in his kitchen.

“I use iLevel to get dishes out of our top cabinet,” David said.

iLevel’s patented Extra Stability Technology® enhances safety for activities like reaching things on the shelf, transferring from the chair to a bed, and many more tasks of daily living. Plus, David can elevate his power chair alongside others and drive at walking speed, up to 3.5 mph.

On the Road with His Power Wheelchair

When using a wheelchair-accessible van, David’s Q6 Edge HD Motorized Wheelchair fits easily in the space designated for the front passenger seat.

The Q6 Edge HD is equipped with 4-pole motors and ATX Suspension, so David enjoys a comfortable and smooth ride, wherever he goes.

David lives in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Theresa. He enjoys listening to music and spending time with his friends. One of David’s passions is being an amateur radio operator. There are different types of ham radio operator licenses, including technical, general and amateur extra. He is proud to have achieved a general class license for amateur radio!

No matter what life throws at him, David is ready to receive it with his Quantum Power Chair.

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