Ask and You Shall Receive: 4Front® 2

Some major advancements are about to hit the rehab power market from Quantum Rehab®. First up is the launch of the 4Front® 2 Power Chair. Consumers, ATPs and clinicians asked for some enhancements to be made to the 4Front® and we listened.

Introducing the 4Front® 2, with amazing features such as the new Smart Traction Control (STC) which is integrated into the Q-Logic control system. Smart Traction Control features upgraded drive performance at higher speeds (up to 6.25 miles per hour) and improved tracking.

4Front 2 Power Wheelchair with safe seat elevation

Other new features include 4-pole motors and redesigned caster arms that have greater durability, reduced weight and enhanced aesthetics. Quantum’s innovative backup camera is also an available option.

“Riding in the 4Front 2 is unlike any chair I have ever used,” said Christian Budney, a Quantum Brand Ambassador. “The 4Front 2 pushes the limit set by its predecessor beyond my expectations. The new suspension allows me to conquer terrain that I never thought possible as a wheelchair user.”

Jay Brislin, Vice President of Quantum Rehab, says the 4Front 2 was created to implement the crucial feedback received from consumers and industry professionals.

“Innovation always begins with listening,” Brislin said. “We spent a significant amount of time carefully developing the 4Front 2, using feedback from consumers and our providers. The latest advancements on the 4Front 2 come from what they wanted more of in this front-wheel drive power chair.”

The 4Front 2 is available in HCSPCS codes, Group, 3 Single Power (K0856) and Multiple Power (K0861). It is pending PDAC code approval for Group 3 codes Solid Seat Pan (K0848), Captain’s Seating (K0849) and Single Power (K0857).

For more information on the 4Front 2, visit or open the PQ-365 app.


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  1. Why are you not using Bluetooth to control wheelchair functions. This would be superior for those unable to use joystick !

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