Summer and My iLevel Power Wheelchair

The summer sun is slowly making its way to the United States, which means ice cream, BBQs, and most importantly, adventures in my Edge® 3 Power Chair with iLevel®! Last summer was not the best for anyone, but I fully intend to make up for it in 2021. My 31st birthday is in July, so I thought I would write an early birthday to-do-list a la Stephanie (32 for good measure). So, here is a list of some of the activities I plan to do this summer with my motorized wheelchair.

Outdoor Activities with My Power Wheelchair

Grilling is easier with his motorized wheelchair and iLevel
  • More accessible gardening – I picked it up during quarantine and it’s even easier at iLevel.
  • BBQs – the grill is my home. My home is the grill. Being elevated above the cooking surface makes flipping burgers easier.
  • Picking fruits and vegetables off higher trees
  • Hiking – nature is calling once more and with SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) on my Edge 3 motorized wheelchair, there is no ride more scenic or breathtaking.
  • Tanning – reclining my electric wheelchair with plenty of sunscreen is the recipe for a great summer tan
  • Flying a kite – I have never flown a kite, but being closer to the sky is a good thing, right?
  • Picnics – I am no longer too short for outdoor picnics with 12 inches of elevation.  
  • Washing the car – With the help of iLevel technology and a super long hose, I can wash everything from the roof to the wheels!
  • Going to the park- there are many trees that have not been measured against iLevel and I intend to find them all

Traveling with My Motorized Wheelchair

  • Hotel bed transfer – no matter the height of a hotel bed on the road, iLevel technology will help me to accommodate most sleeping arrangements and assuage some of the fears associated with travelling while disabled.
  • Boardwalk strolls – while I am not much of a beach person, enjoying the weather in my power chair is a welcome change from staying indoors.
  • Visiting breweries – There is nothing quite like ordering a bottle at the raised counter and watching the sunset on a summer night.
  • Vacation selfies – who needs angling photos for perspective, when iLevel makes you taller than most things?
  • Trying my luck at casinos- game tables are high; my chances of winning are not.
  • Taking in a comedy show – because we all need a laugh right now and my head towers above a sea of people.
  • Being tall enough for the rides at Disney World, but not riding them due to exhaustion

Using iLevel in the Home

  • Changing lightbulbs – there is a joke in there, but my height must be used to help the vertically challenged.
  • Brushing my teeth- I can finally see my entire body in the mirror with iLevel, which leads to better oral hygiene.
  • Revitalize my summer wardrobe – Aloha shirts and sunglasses on the top shelf? No problem. iLevel technology lets me reach whatever I need.                     
  • Helping with house chores – whether it is cleaning floors or dusting bookshelves, dirt beware: I Have the power of iLevel on my power chair.

Interacting with Family and Friends at iLevel

  • Uncle duties – my nephew loves the “elevator ride” when I elevate my power wheelchair with iLevel.
  • Hugs that start at the head, not at the waist
  • Visiting local relatives – the ability to look people in the eye that I have not seen in a while is a privilege.
  • Frisbee with friends – staying at iLevel ensures that my throws are more aerodynamic and above the ground

Other Ways that My Power Wheelchair Helps Me

  • Reinvigorating my completely unnecessary Starbucks habit and enjoying some coffee. iLevel lets me enjoy sitting at the high-top tables.
  • Groceries – As evidenced by my many photos, stocking up for summer get-togethers with items on high shelves could not be easier.
  • Eating at food trucks – outdoor dining is a breeze thanks to its ability to adjust to countertops.
  • Being closer to the fireworks on the Fourth of July.
  • Helping out at my parents’ restaurant- Taking orders at iLevel is good for business
  • Shopping for alcoholic beverages – Top shelf alcohol is no match for iLevel.
  • Watching a movie – as theaters begin to open, I look forward to being the guy down in front. Reclining my electric wheelchair is great for long films

I plan to make my 31st year the best one yet because iLevel means new opportunities.

About Tim Shin: Tim lives in River Vale, NJ and uses an Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair to maintain his independence and mobility. He enjoys food, fashion, music and television. Click here to learn more about Tim.

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