Herbert Phillips: Moving Forward with His 4Front®

Herbert Phillips, known to his friends as “Big Lee,” has a BIG heart! With his 4Front® Power Wheelchair, Herbert can live more independently and spend time with his family and friends.

Born with cerebral palsy, Herbert is unable to use his hands or feet. He needs assistance with doing things like eating or getting dressed. When speaking, others can understand him, but he has trouble pronouncing large words. Still, Herbert can drive himself anywhere he wants to go with his accessible van. When driving his 4Front Power Wheelchair, Herbert uses a chin control, which allows him to operate his power chair easily. He also uses the chin control to work his cell phone, television and more.

With 10 inches of power adjustable safe seat elevation on his 4Front Motorized Wheelchair, Herbert can elevate the seat of his motorized wheelchair for greater access to his environment. With safe seat elevation, he can reach high-top tables when he is out at restaurants. The safe seat elevation also helps Herbert be more visible to others.

“I’m always going somewhere. I use the elevation so people won’t walk into me.”

Herbert Phillips
Herbert Phillips in his 4Front Power Wheelchair

The 4Front Power Wheelchair includes automotive-grade SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension). Herbert can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride wherever his day takes him, which includes driving around his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. He navigates uneven sidewalks or other rough terrain effortlessly.

Herbert graduated from Middle Tennessee State University and has earned five different degrees. He has many other interests, including music, and “knows everything about computers.”

Herbert’s 4Front Power Chair is equipped with the Quantum® backup camera. With a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees, the backup camera promotes safety. Herbert can use the LCD display to see what’s behind him when reversing. So far, he has discovered many uses for the backup camera.

“I love my backup camera because I’m always on the go. The camera is very helpful in stores and getting in and out of my van.”

– Herbert Phillips

Herbert knows the value of maintaining his independence and living a full, active life. He loves to demonstrate to others what he can do without using his hands. He isn’t afraid to share his story with others.

“I go around and talk about my life and my power chair,” Herbert said.

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