More Innovative Power Wheelchairs, Thanks to You!

Over the past few years, Quantum Rehab has been hosting consumer roundtables to get perspectives and feedback from power wheelchair users across the country. These roundtables came to life after the marketing team and the research & development team started brainstorming about how Quantum can create the very best power wheelchairs for users. Quantum already has power chair users working in a variety of roles. Still, we wanted to go beyond that, getting the perspectives of people outside of Quantum. 

Hosting Consumer Roundtables for Power Wheelchair Users

We decided to host consumer roundtables! We invite people who use any brand of complex rehab power wheelchair to provide their thoughts and opinions on technology that currently exists. We also want their wishes for the future of power wheelchairs. Each person who participates in our roundtable discussions are compensated for their time and valuable feedback. 

Since we began these roundtables, I have had the honor of serving as the moderator for each session. In this role, I connect with users who provide feedback, ensuring there is space for everyone to share their thoughts. I learn so much! Each person uses their wheelchair in vastly different ways. I love learning how different people interact with the world as wheelchair users. 

Our motorized wheelchairs allow us to do so much in our homes, jobs, schools, and society. Plus, there is always room to grow and improve how our wheelchairs help us to be active participants in our communities. By actively engaging with wheelchair users from across the country, we learn from them and create innovative motorized wheelchairs based on their feedback. Quantum is truly making complex rehab power chairs that are consumer inspired.

Want to Be Involved?

If you are ever interested in participating in a consumer roundtable, let me know! You can email me at I can tell you more about the process and our plans for future consumer roundtables! 

About Stephanie Woodward: Stephanie is a brand ambassador advisor for Quantum Rehab® and works as a disability rights activist. She has received many awards for helping communities become more accessible, as well as for her actions in fighting for the rights of disabled individuals as it relates to Medicaid and other support services. Click here to learn more about Stephanie.

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