Questions About My Stretto Wheelchair

I get many questions from curious people about my Edge 3 Stretto® Narrow Wheelchair with iLevel®. People ask how fast my wheelchair goes or how high it rises. I have heard it all! I hope to answer some of those questions in this blog.

How fast does my power wheelchair go?

I normally answer people rather easily but sometimes it can get repetitive. I tell the people that it goes around 6.25 mph when I’m in the seated position. When I am elevated at iLevel, the maximum speed is 3.5 mph. I tell people about my personal experiences of how I went over the average speed by going downhill when I was younger and more adventurous.

Do I sleep in my power wheelchair?

This one is pretty interesting to me and once again, not hard to answer. I personally don’t sleep in my wheelchair because I feel my bed is more comfortable. Questions like these show how curious people are about wheelchairs.

How high can my iLevel go?

I always get this question when I am out and about at either a restaurant or in the community. One of my favorite local restaurants has high-top tables. Every time we go, we sit at one of the higher tables, which allows me to show off the iLevel feature. I tell people that my wheelchair lifts me up 12 inches and explain how it gives me a new sense of independence.

Can my Stretto narrow wheelchair go off road or onto different surfaces?

Many times, I answer this question by showing people what my Stretto can handle. I drive in the grass and it surprises people to see me do it. I like to see the looks on their faces when I demonstrate what my wheelchair can do. The Stretto has independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), which absorbs any bumps I drive over, giving me a smooth and comfortable ride.

Does my wheelchair have a horn?

This is my favorite question! When people ask me, I simply press the horn button. Most of the time, it makes the person jump! The horn can be loud the first time you hear it. It amazes people.

I love it when people ask questions! and it allows me to show off my amazing Stretto narrow wheelchair. The average person has many questions, especially when they see a state-of-the-art wheelchair like the Stretto. Quantum wheelchairs look futuristic and immediately capture the attention of almost everyone. I personally feel that these types of questions are good and can help people learn more about the product. I have heard many questions and I look forward to what other people ask in the future.

About Bryson Foster: Bryson is a Friend of Quantum and lives in North Carolina. He advocates and raises funds for the development of treatments for muscular dystrophy. He loves sports and cheers for his favorite basketball team, the North Carolina Tar Heels.

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