A Wheelchair Backup Sensor for Power Chair Users

When it comes to enjoying full independence, power chair users need peace of mind when operating their power wheelchairs in the home and around their communities. Safety and visibility are absolutely paramount. Individuals living with certain conditions such as muscle weakness or a spinal cord injury, may struggle to see what’s going on behind them. They may be unable to turn their neck. Having visibility in all directions is extremely important. While there are many options available on the market today, Quantum offers the perfect solution. The Quantum backup camera for wheelchair users provides a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees, taking the guesswork out of reversing!

Benefits of the Quantum Wheelchair Backup Sensor

The Quantum backup camera is one camera with so many different uses! This wheelchair backup sensor provides greater visibility in the home and out in public. When you are out in your community, the camera helps wheelchair users see cars, pedestrians, cyclists or other wheelchair users coming up behind them. The Quantum camera is also ideal for navigating around your house. Now, you’ll always see furniture, pets and small children while backing up.

Available on Quantum power wheelchairs equipped with Q-Logic 3 controllers, the Quantum camera mounts to the back of your power wheelchair. The 3.5-inch LCD display mounts to your armrest or the siderails, so it’s visible as you drive. Plus, switch between two available modes: the camera remains on or the camera switches on when you give a reverse command.

Ready to Learn More about the Quantum Camera?

Want to learn more about the Quantum backup camera for wheelchair users? Why not read some testimonials written by Quantum® brand ambassadors? They use the Quantum camera in their everyday lives and love the peace of mind it gives them. Plus, once you’re totally convinced that this wheelchair backup camera is right for you, discover where you can buy it!

Other Quantum Wheelchair Accessories

Have you heard about other great wheelchair accessories from Quantum? Like the wheelchair backup sensor, these Quantum wheelchair accessories can ensure greater safety and convenience as you navigate through life. Front and rear LED fender lights on power wheelchairs provide increased visibility and help you see and be seen by others.  

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