Why I Love iLevel®

Why do I love iLevel® so much? Well, it’s a game changer. When I am elevated 12 inches in my Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair, I am more independent, which makes living life a lot more fun. Here are some of the things that iLevel does for me.

Holding My Niece at iLevel

My niece is awesome. It’s so fun interacting with her and watching her grow. When she was really small, iLevel came in handy. Because I only have one hand, I hold her tightly and lean her against my body. If somebody else wants to hold her, being elevated makes passing her to someone easier and safer. They don’t have to bend down to grab her and I don’t have to lift her up.

Completing Chores with iLevel

Bryan uses iLevel to ensure safety while cooking

The great thing about iLevel is that you can adjust it to whatever height you need. When I do the dishes, I elevate my power wheelchair just enough so I can reach the sink easily. If a light bulb goes out and I need to change it, I elevate my power wheelchair to a full 12 inches.

When I am cooking a meal, iLevel technology makes cooking safer and more enjoyable. Not only can I reach the stove, I can see into the pan or pot to check on the food. I can even reach the back burners! Before iLevel, I’d often burn myself, which is pretty dangerous if you’re dealing with hot grease.

iLevel in Social Settings

A lot of wheelchair users who are at seated height sometimes feel like they’re being talked down to by others. It’s hard for people with disabilities who are at a lower seat height to hear what their friends and family are saying. Plus, their necks probably hurt from looking up all the time. With iLevel technology, it’s a whole new ball game. Mostly, my friends are never confused on whether to come to my level or not because I’m usually at their level already!

From what I’ve experienced in social situations, being at iLevel makes strangers feel more comfortable interacting with me. It’s weird. It almost seems like elevating my power wheelchair 12 inches so we’re at eye level makes them more willing to talk to me. I think that’s pretty cool. iLevel is breaking barriers!

About Bryan Anderson: Bryan grew up and resides in Illinois. Injured by an IED in October 2005, Bryan is one of the few triple amputees to survive his injuries in Iraq. He is an ambassador for the Gary Sinise Foundation and a spokesperson for USA Cares, which is focused on assisting post 9-11 veterans. Click here to learn more about Bryan.

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