Double the Access, Double the Fun!

When it comes to living their lives, twin brothers Albert and Alberto Diaz are not big on restrictions. Growing up in a home with three other siblings, the twins never felt different because of their limitations.

“We are always researching and looking for ways to push further than what others may think are boundaries for us,” Albert and Alberto said.

Born with cerebral palsy, the 30-year-old brothers are unable to walk. Thanks to their Edge® 3 Power Wheelchairs, the twins maintain much of their independence and mobility. They enjoy the convenience of the USB charger port for charging their phones and love the power tilt and recline features for resting when traveling on long trips.

Although Albert and Alberto love and use many different aspects of their power wheelchairs, their favorite feature is iLevel® technology. The twins love elevating their motorized wheelchairs so they are at eye level with their peers.

“We are able to access so much more being elevated. It has been a huge boost to our confidence and self-esteem,” the brothers said.

The twins are happy to have access to practically anywhere they’re interested in going, including concerts, parks, restaurants, shopping and even traveling to other countries!

Enrolled in an independent support program, Albert and Alberto can live more inclusively with others, participate in social events and anything else that interests them.

In between their activities, the brothers record videos for their own YouTube channel, Twins on Wheels. In their videos, the twins discuss their daily lives and how they stay optimistic in hopes of inspiring others like them.

The brothers on their YouTube channel, Twins on Wheels.

Alberto and Albert have individual passions as well. Albert loves to write and is currently working on an autobiography about himself. He also has DJ equipment and enjoys playing music for others. As for Alberto, he is very passionate about medical research. He seeks cutting-edge treatments and looks for ways to improve their lives. Alberto also loves video editing and has been working on a documentary about his life.

The brothers are thankful for technology that makes living more accessible for them. They never get discouraged when going for the things they want.

“We really want to thank Quantum for being so instrumental in normalizing our lives and making things more accessible with their technology,” Alberto and Albert said. “These Quantum power wheelchairs are literally our feet walking for us.”

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