Quantum Wheelchair Reversing Camera

The Quantum backup camera is one camera with many uses. This electric wheelchair rear view camera promotes safety with a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees. As of right now, it’s available exclusively on Q-Logic 3 but will become available on NE and NE+ controllers in the future. Some of its benefits include increased visibility of small children, pets and doorframes and infrared capabilities to help its users see at night.

While we could go on and on about this motorized backup camera and its benefits, we’ll let the testimonials speak for themselves. Here’s what other wheelchair reversing camera users think!

Madonna and Her Wheelchair Reversing Camera

Madonna uses her wheelchair reversing camera

What started as a half-joke by Madonna Long after an unfortunate incident resulted in her trying out the new motorized backup camera. She praised its rear viewing angle of 170 degrees as it helps her avoid other potential accidents.

“I am sure the cat is equally happy I have the camera now. There have been times where she gets behind me and my power wheelchair,” Madonna said.

For Madonna, the backup camera takes the guesswork out of reversing, whether it’s to avoid her cat or to reverse down the ramp of her wheelchair accessible van. Learn more about how Madonna uses the wheelchair reversing camera in her daily life.

Tim’s Motorized Backup Camera

Tim in his Edge 3 Power Wheelchair

While Madonna loved the visibility that the camera provided her with, Tim was particularly impressed by its infrared capabilities. He even named it as his favorite feature.

“Picture this: the lights in my home office start to flicker,” Tim explained. “Within five minutes, the power was out in my home as well as homes on my block. This was the beginning of a three-day electrical outage in my area due to Hurricane Isaias. Suddenly, the backup camera, once considered a luxury, is now a lifeline.”

Learn more about why Tim loves his electric wheelchair rear view camera.

Alison Loves Her Rear View Camera

We all have daily obstacles that we try to avoid. For Alison, she avoided reversing her electric wheelchair until she received the Quantum® motorized backup camera. Alison loves the backup camera for avoiding mishaps with her dog and his toys. She also finds it helpful when out and about running errands.

“Using the backup camera on my electric wheelchair, I was able to see the runner coming up behind me on the sidewalk and avoid a collision,” Alison said.

Alison uses her wheelchair reversing camera in her apartment’s elevator, restroom and kitchen to avoid hitting doorways and other obstacles.

Read more about how Alison’s rear view camera helps her stay aware of her surroundings and drive safely.


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