David Lloyd: Racing for a Cure

He’s got the need for speed! David Lloyd Jr. loves many things: his family, music and of course, auto racing! He turned his dream of owning fast-track cars into a reality, never guessing that his love for going fast would help speed his way to a cure. 

Born and raised in the Tar Heel State, David currently resides in Cary, North Carolina. Diagnosed with limb onset ALS in October 2017, David’s condition continues to progress. To maintain mobility and independence, David uses the Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair. He likes that the power wheelchair is extremely maneuverable and easy to operate, even with his paralyzed hands and limited arm mobility.

Using iLevel® on His Motorized Wheelchair

David’s favorite feature on his motorized wheelchair is iLevel® Power Adjustable Seat Height. Due to his muscle loss, it became impossible for David to raise or lower himself from standard seat height.

“iLevel was a must to enable independent transfers,” David said.

iLevel technology also helps David’s caregivers in assisting him with daily tasks. iLevel has mental benefits as well.

“At 6 foot, 4 inches tall, sitting near the altitude and viewpoint I’ve experienced my whole life is psychologically beneficial,” David said.

Music and Racing

Passionate about music and sound, David spent years drumming in bands and served as an audio engineer, editor and mixer. Today, David still enjoys listening to music, using it as a form of therapy, he says. He can also adjust his power chair to locate the perfect tonal sweet spot!

Besides his love for music, David loves nothing more than a good race. Not long after his ALS diagnosis, David and his brother, Scott, decided to make their bucket list dream a reality. They acquired a pair of fast-track cars and began participating in High Performance Driving Events (HPDE) at regional road courses. 

David Lloyd and his brother started an organization called Racing for ALS

Within the racing community, David and Scott discovered opportunities to build awareness and raise funds for care and a cure for ALS. Their organization, Racing for ALS, has raised nearly $125,000 for ALS pharmaceutical research by ALS TDI and has additionally delivered $1,000 grants directly to 25 ALS patients to offset medical equipment, home modifications and care costs.

The third annual “Dave’s Race” will take place at the Virginia International Raceway on May 28. All driver registration fees go directly to ALS TDI. Through this event, David hopes to raise additional funds for research.

“I’m thankful that my Quantum power chair will allow me to safely attend and participate,” David said.

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