A Guide to Mobility Chair Repair

As you use any item you purchase, it goes through what many call “wear and tear.” It’s a natural process that happens as you continuously use anything, from clothes to appliances to your car. Motorized wheelchairs also require some maintenance to ensure a long life before replacing it one day. So, what happens when your motorized wheelchair needs a new battery or you’re looking for technical assistance?

Mobility Chair Repair Near You

Edge 3 Stretto Electric Wheelchair

We always recommend reaching out to your authorized Quantum® dealer for mobility chair repair. It is important to know the difference between the manufacturer and the dealer. Quantum Rehab® is the manufacturer of your Quantum Power Chair, meaning that we build your power wheelchair. Your dealer is the store where you bought the wheelchair. For repairs, accessories, parts, or any other purchases, you must contact your dealer.

If you aren’t sure who your dealer is, we can help you. Call us at 1-833-745-3835 with your power wheelchair’s serial number and we can look up the name and phone number of your dealer. If you need help finding your serial number, you can check our FAQ page.

Maybe you’re thinking of purchasing a wheelchair and haven’t found a dealer yet. We have an article all about how to use our dealer locator, explaining how you can easily find mobility chair repair near you.

Remote Mobility Chair Repair

Interactive Assist is the must-have remote service app from Quantum Rehab®. This diagnostic application provides a direct, real-time connection from your power wheelchair’s electronics to the programming station of your authorized Quantum dealer. The connection provides a technician with full diagnostic and system data in real time.

Interactive Assist

Your dealer can communicate with you through the chat feature and share helpful information and tips so you can understand your motorized wheelchair. You also can also send photos to your dealer. Another cool feature of Interactive Assist is the Bluetooth® auto connect. If you lose the connection between your mobility chair and your dealer’s programming station, the Bluetooth auto connect automatically pairs to the power wheelchair again. Using Interactive Assist, your provider may be able to quickly resolve issues regarding battery management, charging problems, the motor problems and complete basic programming.


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