Practical Gifts for Wheelchair Users

Gift giving is a skill. While some people never seem to have an issue picking out the perfect gift, others are at a complete loss. With inventions like the internet, you can find gift guides geared towards any kind of receiver. At Quantum Rehab®, we believe that some of the best gifts you can give are both practical and helpful. Check out our recommendations!

Quantum Wheelchair Accessories

Accessories aren’t always just for show. If you buy Quantum wheelchair accessories, you’re not buying tchotchkes that sit around the house collecting dust. We have a diverse line of wheelchair accessories to meet the needs of all kinds of wheelchair users. Whether your loved one needs more storage space, something that can do extra lifting for them, or even a portable phone charger, we’ve got them covered.

Quantum Camera

Quantum camera on the Stretto Power Wheelchair

Many cars now come with backup cameras. Backup cameras help drivers safely maneuver their vehicle by providing them with extra visibility. Not only are these useful motorized backup cameras good for drivers of vehicles, but we see the benefit for wheelchair users. If your loved one uses a motorized wheelchair, they can safely and confidently drive around their home with the Quantum motorized backup camera.

Quantum Brand Ambassador Madonna Long blogs about her experience in installing and using her new Quantum camera. Click the link to get her take!

Power Wheelchair LED Lights

Power wheelchair LED lights help you see and be seen.

Another accessory that promotes safety are LED fender lights. LED fender lights come standard on the Edge® 3 power wheelchair and offer great benefits and features for increased pedestrian visibility from a wide range of angles. The lighting mounts to the fender above the drive tire on each side of the motorized wheelchair, ensuring that you can see and be seen at the touch of a switch.

Now that you’ve found the perfect practical gift for your loved one, it’s time to buy! You can purchase Quantum wheelchair accessories from an authorized Quantum dealer. Ideally, you should contact the dealer who services the motorized wheelchair for your loved one. If they don’t have an authorized Quantum dealer that they work with, you can find one in their area by using our dealer locator.


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