Find a Quantum Power Chair Serial Number

Do you know your Quantum® Power Chair serial number? If not, you aren’t alone. Many consumers are unfamiliar with the purpose of the serial number and why it’s important. Never fear! Get the lowdown on how to find your serial number quickly and easily. Plus, get tips on where to store the serial number in case you need it again. It may come in handy down the road.

Quantum Rehab Serial Number Lookup

Every serial number for Quantum power wheelchairs begins with a J and is 14 digits long. The location of the serial number of your power wheelchair depends on the electronics you have. If you use Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Controls, it’s super easy to to find your serial number. The Q-Logic 3 controller is compatible with the Edge 3 Stretto Narrow Motorized Wheelchair, as well as the Edge 3 Power Chair. If you have Q-Logic 3, follow the steps below to locate your serial number.

Q-Logic 3 wheelchair joystick

Locating Your Serial Number Using Q-Logic 3

  • From the Home screen on any display on the Q-Logic 3 joystick, go into Auxiliary
  • Select System Information
  • Choose Provider Information
  • Look for Unit Serial Number

The unit serial number is shown at the top of the display screen. Your authorized Quantum dealer may place additional information on this display screen, such as the serial number for your seating system or their contact information.

Locating Your Serial Number on Other Quantum Power Wheelchairs

If your power wheelchair is an older Quantum model or if you use the NE or NE+ controller to operate your chair, the serial number for your power chair is in a different place. Remove the rear shroud on the back of the base of your power chair. Look for a white barcode sticker with 14 digits, beginning with a J, on the back of the base of your power chair.

You may need to ask a friend, family member or caregiver to assist you in locating the serial number on the back of the power base.

Storing Your Quantum Power Chair Serial Number

Now that you have located your serial number, here are some important tips for keeping the number in a safe place. Write the serial number on the inside cover of your owner’s manual or write the number down elsewhere and keep it where you store all your important paperwork. Snap a picture of the serial number with your smart phone camera and store it in your digital photo albums.

For more helpful information on Quantum Power Chairs, visit our frequently asked questions page.


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