Remembering Mark E. Smith

Nothing could keep Mark E. Smith down.

For 18 years, Mark worked at Pride Mobility as a general manager for public relations and consumer research. He was a well known member of the disability community as an author, public speaker and advocate. 

Born with cerebral palsy, Mark led a rewarding, rich life and was a loving husband and father. 

Mark made a positive difference in the world through his writing, speaking and thousands of personal interactions. 

“I always said I would be happy if I could help just one person,” Mark said. “Being able to help thousands of people, through my writing and speaking efforts, is beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed.”

Mark was perhaps best known for his popular and occasionally irreverent website,

Mark once said that through all his experiences, he learned that people who have disabilities are truly just people after all.

“We all have points in our lives when we face challenges,” Mark said. “Having the support of others who have been in similar situations is important. Those relationships can prove to be among the most valuable ones we will ever form.”

Mark passed away on Nov. 25, 2018, at the age of 47, surrounded by his family at home in Shavertown, PA.

The fortitude Mark showed in facing the challenges of his life and the passion he had for making a difference in the lives of others was a great inspiration to all of us at Pride. He is deeply missed.

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