Morgan Steward: Doing What He Loves

We all know that as an honorary officer, Morgan Steward has a lot of responsibilities. He leads the town of Covington’s Christmas parade. He helps out at the annual “Shop-with-a-Cop” at Christmas, when officers take underprivileged children shopping for gifts. Still, even police officers need some time off and Morgan has a lot of other interests!  At 12 years old, Morgan can do what he loves thanks to his Edge 3 Stretto® Narrow Wheelchair.

Morgan loves the body style and the ultra-narrow base on the Stretto. With a narrower width of only 20.75 inches, Morgan can easily navigate the tight corners in his house.

“With the slimmer base on the Stretto, I’m not side swiping walls anymore when I turn in the house,” Morgan said.

Playing Video Games

Morgan plays video games in his Stretto Narrow Wheelchair

Morgan’s favorite hobby is playing and competing in video game tournaments. He even wants to be a video game designer when he grows up. Even when Morgan can’t see his friends in person, they still play video games together.

“Games like these bring my friends and I closer together,” Morgan said. “Even when we can’t be around each other, we can get on the game and play with each other.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Morgan played adaptive baseball with the Miracle League of Newton County, Georgia. Morgan’s mother, Tangi, coaches the team and named them the Phillies because she is from Philadelphia. Morgan can’t wait until the pandemic is over and the team can play again!

Cooking Up a Storm

With iLevel® technology on his Stretto, Morgan raises the seat of his narrow wheelchair up to 12 inches and feels more included in group pictures.

Morgan can help prepare meals with his Stretto Narrow Wheelchair

“I’m able to elevate to everyone else’s height, especially with my baseball team and pictures with my friends,” Morgan said. “I blend right in!”

Often, Officer Morgan trades his police hat for a chef’s hat, using iLevel in the kitchen to help with preparing meals. He can easily reach the stove to cook hamburger when making spaghetti. This year for Thanksgiving, Morgan made his special garlic pepper and onion-flavored chicken for the main course.  Morgan is cooking up a storm in the kitchen and he’s doing it safely, with iLevel!


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