Online Disability Magazines

If you’re looking for a quality read, you must check out these online magazines, created by individuals who seek to amplify the voices of people with disabilities and share their experiences.

DIVERSEability Magazine

DIVERSEability is a diversity and inclusion magazine that features people with all types of diverse abilities. This magazine raises awareness and provides educational, employment and business opportunities within corporate America with the goal of creating a more diverse workplace. Not only do they serve as a resource to help others advance, but DIVERSEability is also a movement that celebrates the advancements and achievements of people with all types of abilities. If you’re looking for an informative and educational read, DIVERSEability Magazine is for you.

Audacity Magazine

While recovering from an injury after falling out of her wheelchair, Nathasha Alvarez received several magazines from her sister. Although the topics the magazines covered were diverse, the people represented in them weren’t. Fed up with the lack of representation of people with disabilities and Nathasha took matters into her own hands. After working hard with a group of supportive and determined individuals, Audacity Magazine began. Audacity Magazine serves as an online resource where individuals with disabilities voice their experiences on an array of topics from fashion to sports to dating and more. The magazine strives to inspire, motivate, educate and entertain people with physical disabilities and those who enter their lives. If you want to support their mission or even share your own story, head over to their website at

New Mobility Magazine

Since 1989, New Mobility Magazine delivers stories to active wheelchair users. Like Nathasha Alvarez, founder Sam Maddox wanted to produce a quality resource on a wide array of topics for wheelchair users. New Mobility Magazine provides information on how to lead active, healthy lives and share stories that shatter stereotypes and are authentic experiences of living life with a disability.

Since its beginnings, New Mobility Magazine has won many awards, including a 2006 Independent Press Award from Utne Reader; a Maggie for best buyer’s guide from the Western Publications Association; an Ozzie for best redesign from Folio; a DREAM (Disability Rights in Entertainment, Arts & Media) award from the Disability Rights Legal Center; and several EDI awards for Equality, Dignity and Independence from Easter Seals. Today, New Mobility continues to be recognized as the premier wheelchair lifestyle publication in the world.


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