Go Where You Want to Go!

Consumers are hungry for information. They’d like to know more about the differences between power chairs, especially exciting, new innovations before meeting with a therapist and ATP.

Bryson uses his Stretto Power Wheelchair to go where he wants to go!

That was one of the main takeaways from Quantum® focus groups of power chair users. Led by Stephanie Woodward, Quantum’s Brand Ambassador Advisor, the focus groups identified what power chair users wanted to see and that they felt the industry needed to be educated on what consumers are looking for. This feedback was the inspiration behind Quantum’s new Stretto commercial, which begins airing nationwide on Dec. 7.

“We’ve held in-person consumer roundtable discussions before, but this year because of COVID, we held two virtually on Zoom,” Stephanie said. “This allowed for people from all over the country to participate, giving us crucial and valuable feedback.”

The star of the commercial is 20-year-old Bryson Foster, a Brand Ambassador for Quantum. Bryson, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, describes what the Stretto can do and how it has given him more freedom.

Bryson can elevate his Stretto Power Wheelchair with iLevel technology

“When it comes to power chairs, I know what I want because I have been driving one my entire life,” Bryson explains in the commercial. “Quantum has made huge advancements with the new Stretto.”

Consumer feedback allowed Quantum to create the Stretto while focusing on huge advancements with unprecedented narrowness and more maneuverability. A request for a smoother ride resulted in independent Smooth Ride Suspension, which offers increased shock absorption due to the angle of the shocks. 

Bryson in his Stretto Power Wheelchair

If viewers would like more information, the end of the commercial directs them to quantumrehab.com/gostretto to learn more about both Bryson and the Stretto. The page also has a link to find a provider for assistance.

“Now I can go where I want to go, all because of the Stretto!” Bryson says to wrap up the commercial.

Click here to view the commercial.


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